Guidance for Key Persons Not Yet Hired at UC Berkeley

The ideal process for adding Key Persons to Phoebe who are scheduled to be hired at UC Berkeley is for departments to process their hire ahead of time, so that the person will have a CalNet login and an email address on file in the campus directory. Since this isn’t always possible, other processes for obtaining CalNet access are provided below. To add a Key Person to Phoebe, send email to with the person’s CalNet Directory UID, full name, primary home department, and affiliation (e.g. faculty, postdoc) to get them entered in the system.

CalNet Sponsored Guest IDs

If a researcher needs to submit a proposal before their hire can be entered by Human Resources, a current UC Berkeley employee may use the CalNet Sponsored Guest application to request a Sponsored Guest account. The CalNet team has provided detailed user guides to the Sponsored Guest system for both sponsors and guests.

When the guest has completed their part of the account setup, the sponsor should email with the guest UID (berkeleyUid in the Sponsored Guest system dashboard) and sponsoring department (e.g., MCESP) so that the Phoebe record can be created.

When the proposal is ready for investigator approval, Phoebe will send a routing notification to the non-Berkeley email address associated with the guest account.

CalNet Sponsored Guest accounts do not link automatically with the guest’s eventual campus CalNet account after the person is hired, so sponsors will need to be sure to notify when the hire has been processed. Otherwise, the former guest will be unable to log in to Phoebe with their UC Berkeley CalNet account.

New Faculty

The campus previously provided an option for faculty who had accepted an official offer to have their CalNet account set up ahead of their hire in the system, but this is no longer available. Once an incoming faculty member's hire has been completed by Human Resources, they are eligible to have their UC Berkeley CalNet account created. For funding transfers and other proposal activity that must happen ahead of the completion of the hire action, please use a CalNet Sponsored Guest account as above.

LBNL Employees

Visitors from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are automatically eligible for a special campus affiliate status which can be entered by department/BRS HR. This status will pick up in the campus directory by the next day after entry. The person will need to be contacted by a CalNet deputy to set up their CalNet login in order to approve the Phoebe proposal. The person should be able to supply their preferred email address directly to the campus directory using CalNet Manage Your Identity. If the person has not set an email address by the time a Phoebe proposal routes to them, they will not receive a notification, and they will need to be contacted so that they know to manually log in to Phoebe, check their Action List, and approve the Phoebe proposal.