Mission, Vision, and Strategies


In service of UC Berkeley’s public mission and in partnership with the campus community, we are the central office guiding stakeholders through the research administration and compliance process while minimizing risk to the university and larger community.


RAC will provide consistently excellent service, streamlined and efficient processes, and be an inclusive partner in a diverse campus community supporting the integrity of UC Berkeley’s world-class research, instruction and service.

RAC Strategies (how we will focus our efforts to achieve success)

  1. Reduce administrative burden for all stakeholders.
  2. Enhance and standardize RAC internal operations and engagement.
  3. Demonstrate commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice.
  4. Build and promote trust among RAC’s partners in the support of the research enterprise.
  5. Enhance and deliver targeted education, outreach and communication/guidance for campus stakeholders.