Name Phone Email
Assistant Vice Chancellor — Research Administration and Compliance
Patrick Schlesinger
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice Chancellor
Brandon Amargo
Information Technology    
Neil Maxwell, Director 642-0123
Froylan Fernandes 642-2899
Ken Geis 642-2246
Nancy Han 642-8121
Dan Percival 643-0960
Shelley Sprandel 642-8122
Weilyn Tat 642-8111
Conflict of Interest Committee    
Alaisha Hellman, Coordinator 642-0122
Export Control
Alaisha Hellman
Responsible Conduct of Research
Victoria (Tori) Sharma

Animal Care and Use Committee / Office for Animal Care and Use 642-8855
Committee for Protection of Human Subjects / Office for Protection of Human Subjects 642-7461
Rebecca Armstrong, Director    
Adrienne Tanner, Assistant Director    
Carrie Des Roches
Sarah Donnelly    
Emily Harden    
Colleen Kohashi    
Daisy Lubag    
Jason Silva    
Sponsored Projects Office    
Pam Miller, Executive Director 642-2925
Angela R. Ford, Associate Director 642-8117
Noam Pines, Associate Director 643-3891
SPO General Inquiries 642-0120  
SPO Contract and Grant Officers:    
Joy Ayson-Yu 664-4458
Cora Basada 642-2783
Mary Bonvillain 643-5603
Jessie Brown 642-8120
Jeffrey Bui 643-2734
Jason Cheung 642-8112
Joyce Chun Diaz 642-8109
Sabina Gafarova 664-4460
Shoshana Lavinghouse 643-3391
Erin Lentz 643-2152
Angela Martinez 642-8113
Paul Martinez 642-8115
Margaret Nguyen 664-7489
Thanh Nguyen 664-9014
Theresa Saunders-Landreth 664-7401
Joyce So 643-7365
Dave Weldon 643-4661
Karen Wood 664-9278


Research Administration and Compliance Office
University of California, Berkeley
1608 Fourth Street, Suite 220
Mail Code 5940
Berkeley CA, 94710-1749

c/o UC Berkeley
1608 Fourth Street, Suite 101
Berkeley CA, 94710-1749

510/642-0120 (information)
510/642-8236 (facsimile)


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