These summaries of selected funding opportunity announcements with upcoming deadlines are compiled from and from agency announcements.

Find programs with funding in your area of interest by using the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements from federal and regional government sponsors, foundations, and other organizations. Federal agency program announcements are also available on For information on limited submission funding programs, where the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals a campus can submit, see Limited Submission Programs on the Sponsored Projects Office website.

The SPO website has additional resources on funding program information. See COVID-19 Funding Opportunities for funding related to COVID-19.

Agriculture Department

For NIFA solicitations, see NIFA Grants.

Solid Waste Management Grant Program. Deadline: 12/31/20. Synopsis: SWM grants are designed to assist communities through technical assistance and/or training provided by the grant recipients.

Research on School Meals Projects in Africa. Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: It is anticipated that the findings of this collaborative research activity will inform future design and implementation of USDA McGovern Dole and USAID/AFR agriculture, food security, agriculture, resilience, nutrition and education activities.

2021 Wood Innovations Funding Opportunity. Forest Service. Deadline: 1/20/21. Synopsis: Supports projects that will substantially expand and accelerate wood products and wood energy markets throughout the U.S.

Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) Pre-Applications. NIFA. Deadline: 1/26/21. Synopsis: The is to address the critical needs of the specialty crop industry by awarding grants to support research and extension that address key challenges of national, regional, and multi-state importance in sustaining all components of food and agriculture.

2021 Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship. Deadline: 2/1/21. Synopsis: USDA identifies Borlaug Participants then places Participants with U.S. research institutions for 10-12-week intensive programs.

Community Wood Energy and Wood Innovation Program. Forest Service. Deadline: 2/3/21. Synopsis: Requests proposals for projects to install a thermally led community wood energy system or build an innovative wood product facility.

Commerce Department

Addressing the Impacts of Multiple Stressors on Shellfish Aquaculture through Research/Industry Partnerships. NOAA. Deadline: 12/15/20 for letters of intent, 3/16/21 for applications. Synopsis: Applications should utilize research/industry partnerships to study how ocean and coastal acidification in combination with other stressors impacts shellfish aquaculture.

FY 2021 Implementation of the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System. NOAA. Deadline: 12/31/20. Synopsis: Areas are: Implementation and Development of Regional Coastal Ocean Observing Systems, and Advancing the National Data Management and Cyberinfrastructure System Architecture.

Young Faculty Award (YFA). DARPA. Deadline: 1/8/21. Synopsis: YFA will provide high-impact funding to elite researchers early in their careers to develop innovative new research directions in the context of enabling transformative DoD capabilities.

FY21 Regional Ecosystem Research Program: Understanding Species’ Habitat Usage and Connectivity. NOAA. Deadline: 1/14/21. Synopsis: Soliciting proposals for projects to understand species’ habitat usage and connectivity in and around marine protected areas.

FY2021 North America Marine Debris Prevention and Removal. NOAA. Deadline: 1/29/21. Synopsis: Provides funding to address the adverse impacts of marine debris on the U.S. economy, the marine environment, and navigation safety through the identification, determination of sources, assessment, prevention, reduction, and removal of marine debris.

Defense Department

Naval Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Deadline: 12/14/20. Synopsis: The objective is to provide postdoctoral scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability opportunities to engage in research on problems.

I2O PostDoc Fellowship. DARPA Information Innovation Office. Deadline: 12/14/20 for Stage 1 Technical Volume I , 3/18/21 for Stage 2 Proposal. Synopsis: Focused on supporting research by computer science postdoctoral fellows to drive innovation in specified topic areas.

Department of Army Center for Synthetic Biology. Deadline: 2/1/21 for white papers, for 5/24/21 for proposals. Synopsis: The Center aims to promote research in specific areas of synthetic biology and to promote a candid and constructive relationship between the Army Science and Technology enterprise and the synthetic biology research community.

Energy Department

Requests for Proposals. Naval Nuclear Laboratory. Deadline: 12/10/20. Synopsis: Three opportunities are available: Lightweight and Compact Radiation Shielding, Compact Two-Phase Heat Transfer Surfaces, High Performance Ion Exchange Media.

FY2021 Research Opportunities in High Energy Physics. Deadline: 12/15/20 for letters of intent, 1/26/21 for applications. Synopsis: Supports research programs in high energy physics.

REFUEL Integration and Testing Program. ARPA-E. Deadline: 1/4/21. Synopsis: Investing in the development of scalable technologies for conversion of electrical or thermal energy from renewable sources into chemical energy contained in energy dense Carbon-Neutral Liquid Fuels.

Bioimaging Research to Develop Imaging Instrumentation and Approaches. Deadline: 1/7/21 for preapplications, 3/25/21 for applications. Synopsis: Support fundamentals research towards enabling new bioimaging instrumentation capabilities for the study of plant and microbial systems which may be used in bioenergy research or other disciplines supported by BER.

Connected Communities. Deadline: 2/17/21 for concept papers, 3/3/21 for applications. Synopsis: A Connected Community is a group of grid-interactive efficient buildings with diverse, flexible end use equipment and other distributed energy resources that collectively work to maximize building, community, and grid efficiency.

Environmental Protection Agency

Interventions and Communication Strategies to Reduce Health Risks of Wildland Fire Smoke Exposures. Deadline: 12/15/20. Synopsis: Supports research that will address behavioral, technical and practical aspects of interventions and communication strategies to reduce exposures and/or health risks of wildland fire smoke.

National Priorities: Evaluation of Pollutants in Biosolids. Deadline: 1/5/21. Synopsis: Research is intended to address multiple treatment scales including large publicly owned treatment works and medium- to small-scale wastewater treatment facilities.

Viral Pathogen and Surrogate Approaches for Assessing Treatment Performance in Water Reuse. Deadline: 1/6/21. Synopsis: Supports research on existing and novel surrogates for the detection and monitoring of the presence of human enteric viral pathogens and surrogates in water reuse applications, where wastewater is the source water.

Fiscal Year 2020 and Fiscal Year 2021 National Wetland Program Development Grants. Deadline: 1/12/21. Synopsis: Supports projects that develop or refine state, tribal, or local government wetland programs as a whole, or individual components of those programs.

18th Annual P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet. Deadline: 2/9/21. Synopsis: Seeking applications proposing to research, develop, design, and demonstrate solutions to real world challenges.

Health and Human Services Department

For more NIH funding opportunities, see Funding.

NEI Audacious Goals Initiative: Translation-Enabling Models to Evaluate Survival and Integration of Regenerated Neurons in the Visual System (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: This FOA seeks to develop models that emulate critical aspects of a human blinding disease that might be amenable to regenerative therapy.

Pediatric and Reproductive Environmental Health Scholars program (K12 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIEHS. Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: The PREHS program will introduce pediatric healthcare providers, obstetricians/gynecologists, and other interested healthcare professionals to issues in environmental health.

Collaborative Approaches to Engineer Biology for Cancer Applications (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NCI, NIBIB. Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: Invites applications to develop and apply innovative synthetic biology approaches to address challenges across the spectrum of cancer research.

Multi-Level HIV Prevention Interventions for Individuals at the Highest Risk of HIV Infection (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMDH, NIMH. Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: Supports research projects that test the effectiveness of multi-level interventions to prevent HIV.

Promoting Viral Suppression among Individuals from Health Disparity Populations Engaged in HIV Care (R01 Clinical Trial Required). NIMDH. Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: Supports research projects to test interventions.

Biological Testing Facility (X01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NICHD. Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: The purpose is to provide investigators with a mechanism to request services from this facility that would advance their contraceptive development program.

NINDS Research Education Programs for Residents and Fellows in Neurological Disorders and Stroke (R25 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 1/25/21. Synopsis: Supports creative educational activities with a primary focus on: Research Experiences; Courses for Skills Development.

Stephen I. Katz Early Stage Investigator Research Project Grant (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (R01 Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required). NIH. Deadline: 1/26/21. Synopsis: Supports an innovative project that represents a change in research direction for an early stage investigator and for which no preliminary data exist.

NIDDK Education Program Grants (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 1/28/21. Synopsis: Supports creative educational activities with a primary focus on: Courses for Skills; Development Research Experiences.

Utilizing In Vitro Functional Genomics Advances for Gene-Environment (G x E) Discovery and Validation (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIEHS, NHGRI, NCI. Deadline: 2/1/21. Synopsis: Solicit applications that fully integrate recent innovative advances of in vitro functional genomics tools/technologies and approaches for environmental health and toxicology research.

Toward ElucidAting MechanismS Contributing to HIV Reservoirs in NIDDK-relevant Tissues (Cure TEAMS) (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). Deadline: 2/3/21. Synopsis: Supports multidisciplinary research teams with complementary expertise in HIV and physiology, pathophysiology, pathobiology, and/or metabolism.

Cohort Studies To Improve Our Understanding of Influenza Immunity, Vaccine Response and Effectiveness in Older Adults (65 years and older) (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 2/4/21. Synopsis: Supports the use of longitudinal cohorts to develop greater understanding of important elements of influenza immunity that impact vaccine response and vaccine effectiveness in older adults.

Mood and Psychosis Symptoms during the Menopause Transition (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) (R21 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMH, ORWH. Deadline: 2/9/21. Synopsis: Supports mechanistic and translational research on the onset and worsening of mood and psychotic disorders during the menopausal transition.

Clinical Translation of Activated Optical Fluorescence Methods and Technologies for Sensitive Cancer Detection in Vivo (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NCI. Deadline: 2/10/21. Synopsis: The purpose is to bring a highly sensitive imaging technology capable of detecting very small (1-3 mm3) tumors in vivo to clinical utility.

RESolution of InflammaTion in EnvirOnmentally Related diseasE (RESTORE) (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIEHS. Deadline: 2/11/21. Synopsis: The initial phase of this program is focused on understanding how chronic exposure to air pollution interferes with resolution of inflammation in pulmonary, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems and diseases.

BRAIN Initiative: Pilot Resources for Brain Cell Type-Specific Access and Manipulation Across Vertebrate Species (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 2/11/21. Synopsis: Support development of technologies, production efforts, and dissemination resources for a cell type-specific armamentarium to study brain function across species.

Understanding Evolutionary Dynamics of Influenza to Inform and Improve Vaccine Strain Selection (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 2/11/21. Synopsis: Supports research to improve understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of seasonal influenza.

NINDS Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) for Training of Postdoctoral Fellows (F32 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 2/11/21. Synopsis: Supports outstanding scientific training of highly promising postdoctoral candidates with outstanding mentors.

Coccidioidomycosis Collaborative Research Centers (U19 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 2/18/21. Synopsis: This new initiative will establish highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary research teams to conduct translational and clinical research for the improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of coccidioidomycosis.

Assay Validation of High Quality Markers for Clinical Studies in Cancer (UH2/UH3 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (UH3 Clinical Trials Not Allowed). NCI. Deadline: 2/18/21. Synopsis: Supports the validation of molecular/cellular/imaging markers and assays for cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, and prediction of response or resistance to treatment, as well as markers for cancer prevention and control.

Service-Ready Tools for Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Individuals at Risk for Suicide (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMH Deadline: 2/18/21. Synopsis: Supports research projects to evaluate the effectiveness of service-ready tools and technologies that can be used to improve the availability of evidence-based suicide prevention services.

Service-Ready Tools for Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Individuals at Risk for Suicide (R34 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMH Deadline: 2/18/21. Synopsis: Supports pilot effectiveness projects to evaluate the preliminary effectiveness of service-ready tools and technologies that can be used to improve the availability of evidence-based suicide prevention services.

Discovery of the Genetic Basis of Childhood Cancers and of Structural Birth Defects: Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program (X01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 2/19/21. Synopsis: Invites applications to submit samples from pediatric cohorts for whole genome sequencing at a Kids First-supported sequencing center.

Pilot Projects Enhancing Utility and Usage of Common Fund Data Sets (R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 2/19/21, 3/19/21 for AIDS. Synopsis: Funding is available to demonstrate and enhance the utility of selected Common Fund data sets.

Understanding the Role of the M. Tuberculosis Granuloma in Tuberculosis (TB) Disease and Treatment Outcomes (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: Supports research to better define the role of the granuloma in TB disease and disease outcomes.

Analytical Validation of a Candidate Biomarker for Neurological or Neuromuscular Disorders (U01 Clinical Trial Optional). NINDS. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: The purpose is to enable analytical validation of strong candidate biomarkers for neurological and neuromuscular disorders and conditions.

Clinical Validation of a Candidate Biomarker for Neurological or Neuromuscular Disorders (U01 Clinical Trial Optional). NINDS. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: The purpose is to enable clinical validation of strong candidate biomarkers for neurological and neuromuscular disorders and conditions.

Innovative Molecular and Cellular Analysis Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NCI. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: The emphasis is on supporting the development of novel capabilities involving a high degree of technical innovation for targeting, probing, or assessing molecular and cellular features of cancer biology.

Advanced Development and Validation of Emerging Molecular and Cellular Analysis Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research (R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NCI. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: Solicits applications where major feasibility gaps for the technology or methodology have been overcome but still requires further development and rigorous validation.

Innovative Biospecimen Science Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NCI. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: Supports projects focused on the early-stage development of highly innovative technologies that improve the quality of the samples used for cancer research or clinical care.

Advanced Development and Validation of Emerging Biospecimen Science Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research (R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NCI. Deadline: 2/22/21. Synopsis: Supports projects focused on further development and validation of emerging technologies that improve the quality of the samples used for cancer research or clinical care.

NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 2/26/21. Synopsis: Supports preparation of book-length manuscripts and other works of academic and/or public health policy value.

Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (G-RISE) (T32 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIGMS. Deadline: 2/26/21. Synopsis: Supports institutions to develop and implement approaches to biomedical graduate training and mentoring that will keep pace with the rapid evolution of the biomedical research enterprise.

Clinical Observational (CO) Studies in Musculoskeletal, Rheumatic, and Skin Diseases (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAMS. Deadline: 3/4/21. Synopsis: Supports clinical observational studies to obtain data necessary for designing clinical studies for musculoskeletal, rheumatic, or skin diseases or conditions.

BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) Scalable Technologies and Tools for Brain Cell Census (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 3/10/21. Synopsis: Intends to accelerate the use of scalable technologies and tools to enhance brain cell census research.

Providing Research Education Experiences to Enhance Diversity in the Next Generation of Substance Use and Addiction Scientists (R25 Clinical Trials Not Allowed). NIDA, NIAAA. Deadline: 3/15/21. Synopsis: Supports creative educational activities with a primary focus on: Research Experiences; Courses for Skills Development

From Genomic Association to Causation: A Convergent Neuroscience Approach for Integrating Levels of Analysis to Delineate Brain Function in Neuropsychiatric Disorders (U19 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMH. Deadline: 3/17/21. Synopsis: Supports research to understand causal linkages across different scales (e.g., molecular, cellular, circuit, behavioral, clinical) relevant to neuropsychiatric disorders.

New Technologies for the In vivo Delivery of Gene Therapeutics for an HIV Cure (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID, NIMH. Deadline: 3/17/21. Synopsis: Supportx research on the development and validation of innovative strategies to deliver anti-HIV gene therapies efficiently to specific target cells in vivo.

Detection of HIV for Self-Testing (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 3/17/21. Synopsis: Supports collaborative, interdisciplinary early-stage research to inform the development of i diagnostic technologies that will enable HIV self-testing during the earliest phases of acute infection or during viral rebound.

Mechanistic Ancillary Studies to Ongoing Clinical Projects (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAMS. Deadline: 3/18/21. Synopsis: Supports time-sensitive mechanistic ancillary studies in conjunction with privately or publicly funded, ongoing clinical projects (parent projects).

Exploratory Centers for Interdisciplinary Research in Benign Urology (P20 Clinical Trial Optional). NIDDK. Deadline: 3/18/21. Synopsis: Seeks projects that utilize integrative approaches to address questions relevant to benign genitourinary diseases or disorders bringing together investigators with complementary expertise.

Social Drivers of Mental Illnesses in Low- & Middle-Income Countries: Mechanisms and Pathways of Interventions for Youth (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMH. Deadline: 3/18/21. Synopsis: Solicits research that will help to identify and explain the mechanisms and pathways by which interventions targeting social drivers of mental illnesses affect the mental health and functioning of children and/or adolescents.

Contraception Development Research Center Program (P50, Clinical Trial Optional). NICHD. Deadline: 3/30/21. Synopsis: Supports multidisciplinary approaches towards the development of new and/or improved contraceptive methods for both men and women.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

For more NASA solicitations, see NSPIRES.

Use of the Nasa Physical Sciences Informatics System Appendix G. Deadline: 12/15/20. Synopsis: Solicits ground-based research proposals to generate new scientific insights by utilizing experimental data residing in NASA’s Physical Sciences Informatics system.

ROSES 2020: Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences. Deadline: Varies, through 4/14/21. Synopsis: ROSES is an omnibus NRA, with many individual program elements, each with its own due dates and topics. All together these cover the wide range of basic and applied supporting research and technology in space and Earth sciences supported by the Science Mission Directorate.

National Science Foundation

For more NSF funding opportunities, see Active Funding Opportunities.

Focused Research Hubs in Theoretical Physics (FRHTP). Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: The specific hub topics for this solicitation are: Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Quantum Information Science; and Theoretical Nuclear Physics.

Law & Science (LS). Deadline: 1/15/21. Synopsis: Considers proposals that address social scientific studies of law and law-like systems of rules, as well as studies of how science and technology are applied in legal contexts.

Research on Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (RETTL). Deadline: 1/25/21. Synopsis: Funds exploratory and synergistic research in emerging technologies (to include, but not limited to, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and immersive or augmenting technologies) for teaching and learning in the future.

Principles and Practice of Scalable Systems (PPoSS). Deadline: 1/25/21 for planning grants and large grants. Synopsis: The aim is to support a community of researchers who will work symbiotically across the multiple disciplines above to perform basic research on scalability of modern applications, systems, and toolchains.

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF). Deadline: 1/25/21. Synopsis: Supports activities that significantly accelerate materials discovery and development by building the fundamental knowledge base.

Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams (ASCENT). Deadline: 1/25/21 for preliminary proposals, 5/3/21 for proposals. Synopsis: Encourages robust collaborations between the devices, circuits, algorithmic, and network research communities to develop innovative projects.

Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC). Deadline: 1/29/21 for large projects. Synopsis: The SaTC program welcomes proposals that address cybersecurity and privacy.

Mid-Career Advancement (MCA). Deadline: 2/1/21. Synopsis: Offers an opportunity for scientists and engineers at the Associate Professor rank (or equivalent) to enhance and advance their research program through partnerships, typically at an institution other than their home institution.

Dear Colleague Letter: Broadening Participation in STEM Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BPINNOVATE). Deadline: 2/9/21. Synopsis: Encourages comprehensive studies that use the intersectionality of identities as a framework to examine interventions and phenomena within the innovation and entrepreneurial space.

Environmental Convergence Opportunities in Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (ECO-CBET). Deadline: 2/11/21 for preliminary proposals, 5/7/21 for prposals. Synopsis: Supports research that confront environmental engineering and sustainability problems by developing foundational knowledge underlying processes and mechanisms.

Formal Methods in the Field (FMitF). Deadline: 2/16/21. Synopsis: Aims to bring together researchers in formal methods with researchers in other areas of computer and information science and engineering to jointly develop rigorous and reproducible methodologies for designing and implementing correct-by-construction systems and applications with provable guarantees.

Planning Grants for Engineering Research Centers (ERC). Deadline: 2/16/21. Synopsis: Supports planning activities leading to convergent research team formation and capacity-building within the engineering community.

Designing Synthetic Cells Beyond the Bounds of Evolution (Designer Cells). Deadline: 2/16/21. Synopsis: Supports research that develops cell-like systems, designs synthetically-modified cells, and leverages basic research in cell design.

Smart Health and Biomedical Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Science (SCH). Deadline: 2/16/21. Synopsis: The purpose of this interagency program solicitation is to support the development of transformative high-risk, high-reward advances.

Reproducible Cells and Organoids via Directed- Differentiation Encoding (RECODE). Deadline: 2/18/21 for preliminary proposals, 5/18/21 for proposals. Synopsis: Seeks proposals that elucidate mechanisms of, and develop strategies to, direct the differentiation of undifferentiated cells into mature, functional cells or organoids.

NSF/CASIS Collaboration on Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology on the International Space Station (ISS) to Benefit Life on Earth. Deadline: 3/1/21. Synopsis: Solicits research projects in the general fields of tissue engineering and mechanobiology.

Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education (V&C). Deadline: 3/1/21. Synopsis: Invites proposals to study the impact of the V&C movement in Undergraduate Biology Education.

Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*). Deadline: 3/1/21. Synopsis: Invests in coordinated campus-level networking and cyberinfrastructure improvements, innovation, integration, and engineering for science applications and distributed research projects.

EarthCube. Deadline: 3/2/21. Synopsis: EarthCube aims to create a well-connected and facile environment to share data and knowledger, thus accelerating our ability to understand and predict the Earth system.

Navigating the New Arctic (NNA). Deadline: 3/5/21. Synopsis: Offers three tracks: NNA Planning Grants; NNA Research Grants; and NNA Collaboratory Grants.

University of California

University of California Humanities Research Institute Grants. Deadline: 11/30/20. Synopsis: UCHRI primarily funds UC faculty and graduate students who participate in innovative research and projects that engage a variety of disciplines and stakeholders.

Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies: Postdoctoral Fellowships. UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. Deadline: 12/1/20. Synopsis: Invites applications for two- and three-year postdoctoral fellowships in studies relating to the prevention of AIDS.

Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellowships in Natural Resource Economics and Political Economy. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 12/4/20. Synopsis: The purpose of the fellowship is to develop new and innovative intellectual connections and ideas in natural resources economics and political economy at UC Berkeley.

Western IPM Center Annual Grant Program. UC Davis. Deadline: 12/4/20. Synopsis: The Western Integrated Pest Management Center engages stakeholders in the West to identify strategic directions and set priorities for IPM research, education, and extension.

2021 Delta Science Awards. California Sea Grant, UCSD. Deadline: 12/15/20 for letters of intent, 2/12/21 for proposals. Synopsis: Supports high-quality social and biophysical science studies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that advance the 2017-2021 Science Action Agenda.

Visiting Research Scholar Fellowship Program in Ethnic Studies. Institute of American Cultures, UCLA. Deadline: 1/7/21. Synopsis: Offers in-residence appointments to support research on African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Chicanas/os.

Visiting Professor Program. UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. Deadline: 1/20/21. Synopsis: The program assists investigators already conducting HIV-prevention research with minority communities in the U.S. to improve their programs of research and obtain additional funding for their work.

2021 France-Berkeley Fund Call for Projects. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 2/1/21. Synopsis: Offers up to $12,000 in seed funding for new collaborations between faculty and research scientists at UC Berkeley and their counterparts in France.

John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. California Sea Grant, UCSD. Deadline: 2/19/21. Synopsis: Matches graduate students with hosts in the legislative and executive branches of government located in the Washington, D.C. area for a one-year paid fellowship.

Western Integrated Pest Management Center Request for Applications - Ongoing Special Issues. UC Davis. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The Western IPM Center announces the availability of funds and requests proposals to address special issues in the West – specifically time-sensitive issues that cannot wait until the next regular RFA period.

UC MEXUS Resident Scholars Program. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) offers an academic residency program for researchers, scholars and artists at critical junctures in their academic careers. Up to four concurrent residencies are available at a time. Please consult UC MEXUS to determine if any positions remain open.

Scientific Conference Award. Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Supports in-person scientific conferences that will disseminate TRDRP-funded research and convene TRDRP investigators and colleagues from different disciplines.

Mackay California-Pacific Rim Tobacco Policy Scholar Award. Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The aim is to foster scientifically informed, evidence-based tobacco control policy and practice in California and the Pacific Rim region by building leadership and cross-regional partnerships among mid-career researchers.

Nonprofit and Other Agencies

For funding opportunities from nonprofit and other agencies, please use the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements.


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