These summaries of selected funding opportunity announcements with upcoming deadlines are compiled from and from agency announcements.

Find programs with funding in your area of interest by using the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements from federal and regional government sponsors, foundations, and other organizations. Federal agency program announcements are also available on For information on limited submission funding programs, where the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals a campus can submit, see Limited Submission Programs on the Sponsored Projects Office website.

The SPO website has additional resources on funding program information. For help with searching for funding, please contact Shelley Sprandel (, 2-8122).

Agriculture Department

For NIFA solicitations, see NIFA Grants.

NRCS’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Deadline: 12/3/19. Syopsis: RCPP promotes coordination of NRCS conservation activities with partners that offer value-added contributions to expand our collective ability to address on-farm, watershed, and regional natural resource concerns.

Higher Education Challenge (HEC) Grants Program. NIFA. Deadline: 3/23/20. Synopsis: Enables colleges and universities to provide the quality of education necessary to produce baccalaureate or higher degree level graduates capable of strengthening the nation’s food and agricultural scientific and professional workforce.

Commerce Department

Environmental Literacy Grants: Supporting the Education of K-12 Students and the Public for Community Resilience. NOAA. Deadline: 11/25/19 for preapplications, 3/26/20 for applications. Synopsis: The goal o is to build environmental literacy of K-12 students and the public so they are knowledgeable of the ways in which their community can become more resilient to extreme weather and/or other environmental hazards, and become involved in achieving that resilience.

NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program – First Responder 3D Indoor Tracking Prize. Deadline: 12/9/19 for preapplications, 4/20/20 for applications. Synopsis: NIST is seeking applicants with expertise in prize competitions to collaborate with technical experts from NIST, industry/academia, and public safety to serve as Prize Administrator.

2020 NOAA California Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program. NOAA. Deadline: 12/11/19. Synopsis: Funds locally relevant, authentic experiential learning for K-12 audiences through Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences.

Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies. NOAA. Deadline: 1/8/20. Synopsis: NOAA invites applications for a Cooperative Institute that will focus on satellite studies related to weather and environmental analysis.

Community-based Restoration Program Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Grants. NOAA. Deadline: 1/8/20. Synopsis: The principal objective is to support habitat restoration projects that use an ecosystem-based approach to foster species recovery and increase populations.

2020 Marine Education and Training Mini Grant Program. NOAA. Deadline: 1/16/20. Synopsis: The National Marine Fisheries Service is soliciting applications for the Pacific Islands Region Marine Education and Training Mini-Grant Program.

Defense Department

Bridging the Gap Plus (BGPlus). DARPA. Deadline: 11/25/19 for abstracts, 1/22/20 for proposals. Synopsis: The program will develop new approaches to treating spinal cord injury by developing systems that address acute injury stabilization regenerative therapy as well as chronic functional restoration.

Polyplexus Pilot Topic Opportunity Notice for Advanced Corrosion Control (Topic 17). DARPA. Deadline: 12/10/19 for abstracts, 1/28/20 for proposals. Synopsis: The initial technical area under consideration in this announcement is the fundamental understanding of corrosion processes.

Energy Department

Environmental System Science. Deadline: 12/5/19 for preapplications, 2/20/20 for applications. Synopsis: Categories include Terrestrial Ecosystem Science and Subsurface Biogeochemical Research.

FLExible Carbon Capture and Storage (FLECCS). ARPA-E. Deadline; 12/23/19 for concept papers,. Synopsis: Funds the development of carbon capture and storage technologies that enable power generators to be responsive to grid conditions in a high variable renewable energy penetration environment.

Breakthroughs Enabling Thermonuclear - Fusion Energy (BETHE). ARPA-E. Deadline: 1/14/20. Synopsis: This program addresses the need to lower the costs of development and eventual deployment of commercial fusion energy by supporting R&D to increase the performance and number of credible, lower-cost fusion concepts.

Environmental Protection Agency

Approaches to Reduce Nutrient Loadings for Harmful Algal Blooms Management. Deadline: 12/10/19. Synopsis: New research is needed in a variety of areas to reduce both point source and non-point source excess nutrient loading to U.S. waters.

Environmental Education Local Grants Program for Region 9. Deadline: 1/6/20. Synopsis: Supports locally focused environmental education projects that increase public awareness and knowledge about environmental and conservation issues.

Health and Human Services Department

For more NIH funding opportunities, see Funding.

Sustained Release of Antivirals for Treatment or Prevention of HIV (SRATP) (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID, NIMH. Deadline: 1/7/20. Synopsis: Invites applications that address the long term goal and objective of developing sustained release strategies for HIV treatment or prevention.

Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs) as Potential Therapeutic Targets in TB/HIV (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 1/8/20. Synopsis: Supports research to determine the potential of MDSCs as a target for host-directed therapeutics for tuberculosis in the context of HIV co-infection, and to better understand the role of host-induced immunosuppression in the progression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis.

U.S. and Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) HIV-Associated Malignancy Research Centers (U54 Clinical Trials Optional). NCI, FIC. Deadline: 1/10/20. Synopsis: Support researchs on HIV-associated cancers in LMICs through the formation of collaborative partnerships between investigators in the U.S. and investigators in LMICs.

Improving the Reach and Quality of Cancer Care in Rural Populations (R01 Clinical Trial Required). NCI. Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: The purpose is to reduce the burden of cancer and improve the quality of cancer care in rural areas among low-income and/or underserved populations.

Targeting Inflammasomes in Substance Abuse and HIV (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIDA. Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: The scientific objective is to encourage research to delineate the role of inflammasomes in the neuropathology produced by acute or chronic drug exposure and HIV infection.

Single Cell Opioid Responses in the Context of HIV (SCORCH) Program: Data Coordination, Analysis, and Scientific Outreach (UM1 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIDA. Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: The purpose is to establish a Data Center to coordinate and analyze single cell and other molecular data sets generated by SCORCH and other NIDA-funded HIV and substance use disorder projects.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers 2020 (P50 Clinical Trial Optional). NICHD. Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: Invites applications for research center grants designed to advance the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and amelioration of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (R35 - Clinical Trial Optional). NIGMS. Deadline: 1/17/20. Synopsis: MIRA provides support for the program of research in an investigator’s laboratory that is within the mission of NIGMS.

Accelerating Discovery of Efficacious Pre-erythrocytic Stage Malaria Vaccines (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 1/17/20. Synopsis: Supports esearch to enable and accelerate the generation of highly efficacious pre-erythrocytic stage malaria vaccines, including sporozoite-based vaccines.

The Biological Mechanisms of Metformin Effects on Aging and Longevity (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIA. Deadline: 1/21/20. Synopsis: Invites applications on novel studies of the molecular mechanisms underlying metformin’s effects on aging and longevity.

Research Education: Short Courses on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIA. Deadline: 1/21/20. Synopsis: This FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on: Courses for Skills Development.

Communication and Decision Making for Individuals with Inherited Cancer Syndromes (U01 Clinical Trial Optional). NCI. Deadline: 1/21/20. Synopsis: Supports projects to develop, test, and evaluate interventions and implementation approaches, or adapt existing approaches.

Research to Action: Assessing and Addressing Community Exposures to Environmental Contaminants (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NIEHS. Deadline: 1/21/20. Synopsis: Supports multidisciplinary projects to investigate the potential health risks of environmental exposures of concern to a community and to implement an environmental public health action plan.

NIDCR Award for Sustaining Outstanding Achievement in Research (SOAR) (R35 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 1/24/20. Synosis: The objective is to provide longer-term support to NIDCR-funded investigators who are in their mid-career stage.

Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics: Diversity Action Plan (R25). NHGRI. Deadline: 1/25/20. Synopsis: The overarching goal is to support educational activities that enhance the diversity of the biomedical, behavioral, social and clinical research workforce in genomics.

Discovery of the Genetic Basis of Childhood Cancers and of Structural Birth Defects: Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program (X01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 1/31/20. Synopsis: NIH invites applications to submit samples from pediatric cohorts for whole genome sequencing at a Kids First-supported sequencing center.

Dementia Care: Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIA. Deadline: 2/3/20. Synopsis: Invites applications seeking to examine the outcomes of care for persons with Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease-related dementias.

NIA Behavioral and Social Research LEaders in Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Related Dementias (NIA BSR LEADR) (DP1 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 2/3/20. Synopsis: Supports individual scientists of exceptional creativity who propose to use behavioral and social science perspectives and approaches.

A Collaborative Network to Optimize Emergency Care of Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (AD/ADRD) (R61/R33 Clinical Trials Optional). NIA. Deadline: 2/3/20. Synopsis: Support is provided for up to 2 years of planning/development (R61 phase) of a milestone-driven infrastructure.

Innovations to Foster Healthy Longevity in Low-Income Settings (R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIA. Deadline: 2/3/20. Synopsis: Invites applications for research and development to improve functioning and quality of life for the elderly.

Ethical Issues in Translational Science Research (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NCATS. Deadline: 2/6/20. Synopsis: Supports research to address ethical issues in translational science research.

NINDS Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) for Training of Postdoctoral Fellows (F32 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). Deadline: 2/11/20, 5/7/20 for AIDS. Synopsis: The purpose is to support outstanding scientific training of highly promising postdoctoral candidates with outstanding mentors.

Tobacco Regulatory Science (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NIH, FDA. Deadline: 2/13/20. Synopsis: Supports biomedical and behavioral research that will provide scientific data to inform regulation of tobacco products to protect public health.

Dysregulation and Proximal Risk for Suicide (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) (R21 Clinical Trial Optional). NIMH. Deadline: 2/13/20. Synopsis: Funds research that provides an understanding of the mechanisms of how dysregulation interacts with cognition and negative and positive valence in order to determine time-varying risk, and then to identify modifiable targets for timely interventions during high risk periods.

Step Up for Substance Use Disorders (SUD): A Drug Target Initiative for Scientists Engaged in Fundamental Research (U18 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIDA. Deadline: 2/13/20. Synopsis: The purpose of this funding opportunity is to enhance and accelerate research on drug targets for substance use disorders.

Genetic Architecture of Mental Disorders in Ancestrally Diverse Populations (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (Collaborative U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIMH. Deadline: 2/14/20. Synopsis: Supports coordinated efforts to accelerate gene discovery for psychiatric disorders in cohorts of non-European ancestry to advance the important goal of global mental health discovery and equity.

Pilot Projects Enhancing Utility and Usage of Common Fund Data Sets (R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIH. Deadline: 2/19/20, 3/19/20 for AIDS. Synopsis: Funding is available to demonstrate and enhance the utility of selected Common Fund data sets, including generating hypotheses and catalyzing discoveries

NCI Small Grants Program for Cancer Research (NCI Omnibus R03 Clinical Trial Optional). Deadline: 2/24/20, 6/24/20, 10/20/20. Synopsis: Supports small research projects on cancer that can be carried out in a short period of time with limited resources.

Food as Medicine: Food Insecurity and HIV-related Comorbidities, Coinfections, and Complications within the Mission of the NIDDK (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). Deadline: 3/9/20. Synopsis: Supports research projects that address how food insecurity effects HIV comorbidities, coinfections, and complications.

Assessing the Effects of Cannabinoids on HIV-Induced Inflammation (R01 Clinical Trial Optional). NIDA. Deadline: 3/11/20. Synopsis: Supports research to determine the biological mechanisms underlying the effects of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system on HIV-associated persistent inflammation and its consequent effects on nervous system function.

Research on Biopsychosocial Factors of Social Connectedness and Isolation on Health, Wellbeing, Illness, and Recovery (R01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) (R01 Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required). NIH. Deadline: 3/17/20. Synopsis: Solicits research projects that seek to model the underlying mechanisms, processes, and trajectories of social relationships and how these factors affect outcomes in health, illness, recovery, and overall wellbeing.

Integrative Research on Polysubstance Abuse and Disorder (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Optional). NIDA, NCI, NIAAA. Deadline: 3/17/20. Synopsis: The goal is to support investigations on tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, and other licit and illicit drugs of abuse. Applicants should focus on two primary drugs of abuse to facilitate the integration of findings and aid interpretability.

Data Harmonization, Curation and Secondary Analysis of Existing Clinical Datasets (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NINDS. Deadline: 3/17/20. Synopsis: This RFA invites applications from multidisciplinary teams to perform secondary data analysis, using existing datasets from two or more multi-site clinical research projects.

Understanding Phage Biology to Support the Development of Bacteriophage Therapy (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIAID. Deadline: 3/18/20. Synopsis: Supports research to address knowledge gaps that hinder the development and regulation of bacteriophage used to prevent and treat drug-resistant bacterial infections.

NCMRR Early Career Research Award (R03 Clinical Trial Optional). NICHD. Deadline: 3/20/20. Synopsis: The Award (R03) is intended to support both basic and clinical research from rehabilitation scientists who are establishing independent research careers.

Impact of Alcohol on the Onset and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Related Dementias (R01 - Clinical Trial Optional). NIAAA, NIA. Deadline: 3/24/20. Synopsis: Supports basic and clinical research on the influence of alcohol on susceptibility and progression of Alzheimer's disease and its related dementias.

Mechanisms Underlying the Contribution of Type 1 Diabetes Disease-associated Variants (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed). NIDDK. Deadline: 3/26/20. Synopsis: Supports large-scale complex multi-disciplinary Functional Genomics Projects to determine the contributions and mechanisms underlying the contribution of associated variants for type 1 diabetes.

Exploratory Centers for Interdisciplinary Research in Benign Urology (P20 Clinical Trial Optional). NIDDK. Deadline: 3/31/20. Synopsis: The program seeks innovative, high-risk–high-reward Research Projects that utilize integrative approaches to address questions relevant to benign genitourinary diseases or disorders bringing together investigators with complementary expertise.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

For more NASA solicitations, see NSPIRES.

ROSBio Appendix D: Solicitation of Proposals for Flight and Ground Space Biology Research. Deadline: 12/2/19. Synopsis: Solicits proposals that will increase understanding of how living systems acclimate to spaceflight to support human space exploration.

Use of the NASA Physical Sciences Informatics System - Appendix F. Deadline: 12/16/19. Synopsis: Solicits ground-based research proposals to generate new scientific insights by utilizing experimental data residing in NASA’s PSI system.

ROSES 2019: Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences. Deadline: Varies, through 4/30/20. Synopsis: ROSES is an omnibus NRA, with many individual program elements, each with its own due dates and topics. All together these cover the wide range of basic and applied supporting research and technology in space and Earth sciences supported by the Science Mission Directorate.

National Science Foundation

For more NSF program deadlines, see Active Funding Opportunities.

Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams (ASCENT). Deadline: 1/7/20 for letters of intent, 2/19/20 for proposals. Synopsis: Offers the opportunity to address research issues and answer engineering challenges associated with complex systems and networks that are not achievable by a single principal investigator or by short-term projects and can only be achieved by interdisciplinary research teams.

Security and Preparedness (SAP). Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: Supports basic scientific research that advances knowledge and understanding of issues broadly related to global and national security.

Accountable Institutions and Behavior (AIB). Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: Supports basic scientific research on issues broadly related to attitudes, behavior, and institutions connected to public policy and the provision of public services.

The Science of Learning and Augmented Intelligence Program (SL). Deadline: 1/15/20. Synopsis: Supports potentially transformative research that develops basic theoretical insights and fundamental knowledge about principles, processes and mechanisms of learning, and about augmented intelligence.

Law & Science (LS). Deadline: 1/15/20, 8/3/20. Synopsis: Considers proposals that address social scientific studies of law and law-like systems of rules, as well as studies of how science and technology are applied in legal contexts.

Macrosystems Biology and NEON-Enabled Science (MSB-NES). Deadline: 1/16/20. Synopsis: Supports quantitative, interdisciplinary, systems-oriented research on biosphere processes and their complex interactions with climate, land use, and changes.

Understanding the Rules of Life: Microbiome Theory and Mechanisms (URoL:MTM). Deadline: 1/17/20 for letters of intent, 3/2/20 for proposals. Synopsis: the programs is focused on predicting the set of observable characteristics (phenotypes) based on the genetic makeup of the individual and the nature of its environment.

Formal Methods in the Field (FMitF). 1/22/29. Synopsis: Aims to bring together researchers in formal methods with researchers in other areas of computer and information science and engineering.

National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institutes. NSF, USDA NIFA, DHS, DOT FHWA, VA. Deadline: 1/28/20 for institute proposals, 1/30/20 for planning proposals. Synopsis: This program seeks to enable such research through AI Research Institutes.

Dear Colleague Letter: Research Opportunities for the Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) in Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes. Deadline: 1/28/20, 1/30/20. Synopsis: This DCL describes opportunities for MPS researchers to participate in the National AI Research Institutes program.

Science and Technology Studies (STS). Deadline: 2/3/20, 8/3/20. Synopsis: Supports research that uses historical, philosophical, and social scientific methods to investigate the intellectual, material, and social facets of the STEM disciplines.

Frontier Research in Earth Sciences (FRES). Deadline: 2/5/20. Synopsis: The FRES program will support research in Earth systems from the core through the critical zone.

Science of Science - Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (SOS DDRIG). Deadline: 2/10/20. Synopsis: SOS:DCI is designed to understand the scientific research enterprise and increase the public value of scientific activity.

Science of Science: Discovery, Communication, and Impact (SoS:DCI). Deadline: 2/10/20. Synopsis: SoS:DCI is designed to increase the public value of scientific activity.

Navigating the New Arctic (NNA). Deadline: 2/11/20. Synopsis: Understanding and adapting to a changing Arctic will require creative new directions for Arctic-related research, education, workforce development.

Environmental Convergence Opportunities in Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (ECO-CBET). Deadline: 2/12/20 for preliminary proposals, 4/30/20 for proposals. Synopsis: Supports activities that confront environmental engineering and sustainability problems by uncovering and incorporating fundamental knowledge to design new processes, materials, and devices from a systems-level perspective.

Human Networks and Data Science - Infrastructure (HNDS-I). Deadline: 2/24/20. Synopsis: SBE seeks to develop user-friendly large-scale next-generation data resources and relevant analytic techniques to advance fundamental research in SBE areas of study.

Dear Colleague Letter: NSF/NSFC Joint Research on Environmental Sustainability Challenges. Deadline: 2/26/20. Synopsis: Supports joint research by U.S.-China teams collaborating on fundamental research that addresses critical environmental sustainability challenges.

NSF/CASIS Collaboration on Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology on the International Space Station (ISS) to Benefit Life on Earth. Deadline: 3/2/20. Synopsis: Solicits research projects in the general fields of tissue engineering and mechanobiology that can utilize the ISS National Lab.

Transport Phenomena Research at the International Space Station to Benefit Life on Earth. Deadline: 3/2/20. Synopsis: Solicits research projects in the general field of fluid dynamics, particulate and multiphase processes, combustion and fire systems, thermal transport processes, and nanoscale interactions that can utilize the ISS National Lab.

Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier: Core Research (FW-HTF). Deadline: 3/9/20. Synopsis: FW-HTF is one mechanism by which NSF is responding to the challenges and opportunities for the future of jobs and work.

Semiconductor Synthetic Biology for Information Storage and Retrieval (SemiSynBio-II). Deadline: 3/16/20. Synopsis:

State of California

Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund, Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Committee. Deadline: 1/6/20. Synopsis: Projects awarded from the Fund must benefit the fish and wildlife resources of the County and must meet the requirements of Section 13103 of the Fish and Game Code.

Conference Grants. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Deadline: Ongoing. Synopsis: The objective is to create a highly competitive opportunity for CIRM to support valuable mission-specific scientific conferences.

University of California

Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). UCOP. Deadline: 11/14/19 for letters of intent, 1/23/20 for applications. Synopsis: Supports investigators at eligible California institutions whose research contributes directly to the elimination of smoking and the use of tobacco products and mitigates the human and economic costs of tobacco product use in California.

Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies. UC San Francisco. Deadline: 12/1/19. Synopsis: Invites applications for two- and three-year postdoctoral fellowships in studies relating to the prevention of AIDS.

S.V. Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellowships in Natural Resource Economics and Political Economy. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 12/2/19. Synopsis: Applications are open to scholars from any social science discipline, and related professional fields such as law and planning, who will make significant contributions to research on natural resource economics broadly defined.

Pilot Studies to Examine Hormone Concentrations of Interest to Breast Cancer Risk in California’s Beef and Well Water. California Breast Cancer Research Program. Deadlne: 12/5/19. Synopsis: This initiative will fund two pilot studies to provide the evidence needed to characterize the drugs and hormones in California’s food and water supply.

Western IPM Center Annual Grant Program. UC Davis. Deadline: 12/6/19. Synopsis: Supports integrated pest management research,education,and extension for pest management in all settings. The project director must be in the Western Region.

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Calls for Applications. Deadline: 12/16/19. Synopsis: This deadline is forthese programs: Graduate Student Dissertation Support, 2020–21; Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop, 2020-21; Mid-Career Faculty Manuscript Workshop, 2020-21; Residential Research Group (RRG): Topic Proposals (Spring 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022); Conference Grant, 2020–21.

Delta Science Fellowship. California Sea Grant, UC San Diego. Deadline: 12/10/19. Synopsis: Funds research projects that will advance the state of knowledge underlying high priority science issues that affect the California Bay-Delta and its management as a coupled human and natural system.

Understanding the Rules of Life: Epigenetics. Deadline: 12/20/19 for letters of intent, 2/6/20 for proposals. Synopsis: The purpose is to enable innovative research and to promote multidisciplinary education and workforce training in the broad area of epigenetics.

Student Technology Fund. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 1/17/20. Synopsis: The large-scale grant cycle for projects seeking over $5,000 is now open. Any UC Berkeley student, staff or faculty member is eligible.

Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*). Deadline: 1/21/20. Synopsis: Invests in campus-level networking and cyberinfrastructure improvements, innovation, integration, and engineering for science applications and distributed research projects.

Visiting Professor Program. Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), UCSF. Deadline: 1/22/20. Synopsis: The program is designed to assist investigators already conducting HIV-prevention research with minority communities in the U.S. to improve their programs of research and obtain additional funding for their work.

France-Berkeley Fund 2020. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 1/31/20. Synopsis: UC Berkeley faculty and researchers are invited to apply for up to $12,000 in seed funding for new, bi-national research collaborations with colleagues in France.

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Calls for Applications. Deadline: 2/3/20. Synopsis: This deadline is for this program: University of California President’s Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities, 2020–21.

John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. California Sea Grant, UC San Diego. Deadline: 2/21/20. Synopsis: The program matches graduate students with hosts in the legislative and executive branches of government located in the Washington, D.C. area for a one-year paid fellowship.

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Calls for Applications. Deadline: 3/9/20. Synopsis: This deadline is for these programs: Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop, 2020–21; Multicampus Faculty Working Groups, 2020-21; Multicampus Graduate Student Working Groups, 2020–21; Short-Term Collaborative Research Residency, 2020–21; Digital Humanities Grant, 2020–21; Engaging Humanities Grant, 2020–21.

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Calls for Applications. Deadline: 3/16/20. Synopsis: This deadline is for this program: Medicine & Humanities: The Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White Graduate Student Scholarship, 2020–21.

UC MEXUS Small Grants for UC Faculty. Deadline: First Monday of each month. Synopsis: The program supports travel, short-term research, initial planning, or other special one-time needs related to the seed phase of projects or programs conducted by University of California researchers or research teams.

UC MEXUS Small Grants Support for UC Student and Postdoctoral Activities. Deadline: First Monday of each month. Synopsis: This program supports UC graduate student and postdoctoral researcher activities in all disciplines as related to academic exchange, research training, and scholarly development in areas of interest to UC MEXUS.

Western Integrated Pest Management Center Request for Applications - Ongoing Special Issues. UC Davis. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Special issues may be requested to bring together a group of people to address emerging issues such as a new pest, water issues, development of proposals for larger grants based on documented stakeholder needs, or development of Pest Alerts. The Center will give priority to requests that are multi-state in scope. Projects must be completed within one year of funding and be single-issue oriented.

UC MEXUS Resident Scholars Program. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) offers an academic residency program for researchers, scholars and artists at critical junctures in their academic careers. Up to four concurrent residencies are available at a time. Please consult UC MEXUS to determine if any positions remain open.

Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) Mackay California-Pacific Rim Tobacco Policy Scholar Award. UCOP. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The aim is to foster scientifically informed, evidence-based tobacco control policy and practice in California and the Pacific Rim region by building leadership and cross-regional partnerships among mid-career researchers.

Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) Scientific Conference Award. UCOP. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Supports scientific conferences that will disseminate TRDRP-funded research and convene TRDRP investigators and colleagues from different disciplines.

Nonprofit and Other Agencies

For funding opportunities from nonprofit and other agencies, please use the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements.


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