Classroom Training in RCR at UC Berkeley

The UC Berkeley Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is offering FREE training, on campus, for eligible applicants.

Course offerings are updated after the third week of each term and due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be offered over Zoom for fall and spring of 2020/2021. You can see the course schedule and register for the course by filling out this form. You will be sent the Zoom link one week prior to the course start date.

You may also sign up for a mailing list on Information on Upcoming RCR Training at UC Berkeley.

For questions regarding registration please contact Victoria (Tori) Sharma (

A sample syllabus for the Classroom RCR Course at UC Berkeley is available.

For questions, please contact us at

Principal Investigator Course Involvement

Training faculty and sponsors/mentors are highly encouraged to contribute both to formal and informal instruction in responsible conduct of research.  Informal instruction occurs in the course of laboratory interactions and in other informal situations throughout the year. Training faculty may contribute to formal instruction in responsible conduct of research as discussion leaders, speakers, lecturers, and/or course directors.  If you are interested in participating in the Classroom RCR course on campus, please contact Victoria (Tori) Sharma at