Meeting for Research Administrators at Berkeley

June Meeting

June 8, 2022, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Zoom
Meeting recording
Note: Presentation times listed are approximate.

Welcome (10:30 a.m.)

Kairi Williams, Assistant Vice Chancellor—Research Administration and Compliance

Announcements (10:35 a.m.)

Other Campus Announcements
Katie Larkin Hudson, CGA

Presentations (10:40 a.m.)

The Berkeley Research Development Office (BRDO) and Limited Submissions
Presentation slides
David Trinkle, Director of Research Development, BRDO
Meg Harris, Program Manager/Funding Opportunities and Limited Submissions, BRDO \

Introducing S2C: SPO’s Service to Campus Model
Presentation slides
Noam Pines, Associate Director, SPO
Angela Ford, Associate Director, SPO

Off Campus F&A
Presentation slides
Joy Ayson-Yu, Principal Contract and Grant Officer, SPO
Joyce So, Principal Contract and Grant Officer, SPO
Heidi Gomez, Principal Contract and Grant Officer, SPO
Sabina Gafarova, Principal Contract and Grant Officer, SPO

Next RAC Forum Dates and Poll
Upcoming Meetings

The Science of Persuasion
Presentation slides
Pamela Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director, SPO

New DOE COI Requirements
Presentation slides
Alaisha Hellman, Conflict of Interest Coordinator, RAC
Brandon Amargo, Research Compliance Analyst, RAC



RAC Forum meetings are sponsored by the Research Administration and Compliance Office. All are welcome!

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