Monthly Meeting for Research Administrators at Berkeley

May Poster Event

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, the second annual Research Administration Community Poster Event will be held at the UC Berkeley Alumni House. This year the posters will focus on the topic, “Research Administration Today and Tomorrow.”

This event will provide research administrators across campus with an opportunity to display posters illustrating an idea, process, policy, tool, and/or job aid that they believe has or could improve research administration on the UC Berkeley campus.

Each of the following “research administration communities” are invited to display posters at this event: CSS RA, Department RA, SPO, CGA, and IAO.


Poster topics may fall into pre-ward, post award or combined pre-post research administration. Posters may focus on a variety of topics including ways to reduce the administrative burden, manage institutional risk, and promote funding success or other topics that could help us all work more efficiently and effectively to support our PIs and research administration. Posters developed by research administrators from two or more of participating RA communities are encouraged. Posters may be submitted by an individual or a team of individuals (consisting of no more than four persons per team). Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • VCA’s Choice (Most Creative/Original Research Administration Solution. Solutions can be already developed or envisioned.)
    • Prize: $75 gift certificate for each winning poster participant
  • VCR’s Choice (Posters that describe or envision improvements that directly benefit PIs)
    • Prize: $75 gift certificate for each winning poster participant
  • Best Overall (Chosen by popular vote of RAC Forum participants)
    • Prize: Group luncheon for winning poster participants at the Women’s Faculty Club

Preparing the Poster

If you can use PowerPoint, you can create a poster! Each individual or team of individuals that wishes to develop a poster will find information on how to create a poster using PowerPoint as well as poster templates in Box.

Note: All posters must be 36″ X 48″ in size. Applicants should email the completed template as a pdf document to their Community Contact listed below by Friday April 6, 2018:

Community Contacts

The email heading should read “Poster Submission: (Insert the Title of the Poster).” The body of the email should include the names of up to four individuals who contributed to the development of the poster template along with each individual’s University department/unit affiliation and contact email. One person also should be identified as the spokesperson for the poster. This person will give a brief overview of the poster at the Forum event.

The Community Contact in each community will then select and fund 2-3 of the posters to be developed for their community. Community contacts are responsible for having the poster for their community developed by UCSF’s Documents and Media Services Group. Each community will pay for the posters created by individuals from that community. The cost of posters created by more than one community will be shared by the communities involved. Community contacts should inform Pam Miller in SPO about the number of posters that will be displayed from their community by April 30, 2018.

Note: Department research administrators may also submit posters directly from their department/unit. It will be the responsibility of the dean/chair/director of the department/unit to select and pay for posters for submission. Selected posters should be submitted by the chair/dean or unit director to Pam Miller by the due date. (See email and directions above.)

These resulting posters will then be displayed at the Alumni House at the Forum on Tuesday May 8, 2018. The developers of each poster are responsible for displaying the posters by 9:30 am on the day of the event. The spokesperson for the poster will be responsible for briefly introducing the poster (1-2 minute teaser only) and describing the process, policy, or job aid that they believe has improved (or has the potential to improve) the effectiveness or efficiency of research administration on the UC Berkeley campus.

If you have any questions about the poster event, please contact Pam Miller at

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