RAC Offices Closed May 28-31, 2021

The Office for Animal Care and Use, the Conflict of Interest Committee Office, the Office for Protection of Human Subjects, the Sponsored Projects Office, and the Research Administration and Compliance Office will be closed on Friday, May 28, 2021. All offices will reopen after the May 31 Memorial Day holiday on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

SPO Proposal Submission

Proposals due during this time frame should be submitted to SPO with this closure in mind to ensure that the proposals are not considered late.

For the purposes of the VCRO’s late proposal submission policy, May 28 and May 31 will not be considered work days. This means these dates will not count toward the four days SPO requires for proposal review. Individuals submitting proposals or needing SPO assistance with other time-sensitive transactions during this time should plan accordingly. Principal Investigators that plan to submit a proposal with a due date just prior to, during, or just after this administrative closure should contact their SPO CGO to discuss the best way to handle the proposal to make sure it is submitted in a timely manner.