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The Research Advocate newsletter includes a syndication feed. By subscribing to the feed, you can receive new content automatically delivered to your web browser or RSS/Atom reader without your having to visit the site or check e-mail.

Research Advocate News Feed: RSS | Atom

What are RSS and Atom?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) and Atom are two types of web feed formats specified in XML (a generic specification for data formats) and used for Web syndication. RSS and Atom delivers information as an XML file called a feed, web feed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. Feeds provide a way for users to receive newly released content.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to a feed, you will need a feed reader or aggregator. Web browsers, email software, and web-based news sites offer a variety of RSS and Atom subscription features. You may already have a feed reader built into software you are already using.

Once you have set up an feed reader, to subscribe to the RSS feed, click Research Advocate RSS feed or Research Advocate Atom feed or go to the Research Advocate blog and click on a link under News Feed on the right column. If you would like a feed only for specific topic areas, you can subscribe to one or more links here:

  • Research Advocate News Feed - all topic areas: RSS | Atom
  • Research Advocate News Feed- Animal Care and Use (ACUC): RSS | Atom
  • Research Advocate News Feed- Conflict of Interest (COI): RSS | Atom
  • Research Advocate News Feed- Human Subjects Protection (CPHS): RSS | Atom
  • Research Advocate News Feed- Sponsored Projects (SPO): RSS | Atom
  • Research Advocate News Feed- Research Administration and Compliance (RAC): RSS | Atom

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