Funding Program Announcements

These summaries of selected funding opportunity announcements with upcoming deadlines are compiled from and from agency announcements.

Find programs with funding in your area of interest by using the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements from federal and regional government sponsors, foundations, and other organizations. Federal agency program announcements are also available on For information on limited submission funding programs, where the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals a campus can submit, see Limited Submission Programs on the Sponsored Projects Office web site.

The SPO web site has additional resources on funding program information. For help with searching for funding, please contact Shelley Sprandel (, 2-8122).

Agriculture Department

For NIFA solicitations, see NIFA Grants.

Outreach and Education, Technical Assistance, and Financial Education for FSA Programs, Functions, and Activities. Farm Service Agency. Deadline: 11/20/15, 1/22/16, 3/18/16, 5/27/16. Synopsis: This RFA seeks proposals to further support and expand FSA’s existing outreach and education efforts. The additional outreach and education could, for example, be public meetings, training sessions, and/or workshops for producers including new and beginning farmers, veterans, underserved communities, and/or established producers.

2016 National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost Share Grant Program. Forest Service. Deadline: 11/23/15. Synopsis: This year, the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council has identified three national grant categories: 1. Analysis and Solutions for Development and Redevelopment Impacts on Urban and Community Forests, 2. Building Human Health Through Urban and Community Forestry, and 3. Climate Change and Its Impact on Trees and Water.

Commerce Department

Ocean Exploration 2016 Funding Opportunity. NOAA. Deadline: 10/23/15 for required preproposals, 1/8/16 for proposals. Synopsis: NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration & Research is soliciting proposals in the following areas: 1) physical, chemical and biological characterizations of unknown or poorly known regions of the deep ocean, especially areas deeper than 500 m. 2) baseline characterization of marine archaeological resources at any depth; and 3) technology that advances ocean exploration and has application to NOAA related missions.

FY2016 Prevention through Education and Outreach. NOAA. Deadline: 10/26/15 for required letters of intent, 1/19/16 for proposals. Synopsis: The NOAA Marine Debris Program provides funding to support eligible organizations to educate the public about the issue of marine debris through dedicated activities to prevent the introduction of marine debris.

Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research (CSTAR) Program. NWS, NOAA. Deadline: 10/30/15. Synopsis: The CSTAR Program represents an NOAA/NWS effort to create a cost-effective transition from basic and applied research to operations and services through collaborative research between operational forecasters and academic institutions which have expertise in the environmental sciences. These activities will engage researchers and students in applied research of interest to the operational meteorological community and will improve the accuracy of forecasts and warnings of environmental hazards by applying scientific knowledge and information to operational products and services.

Community-based Marine Debris Removal. NOAA. Deadline: 11/2/15. Synopsis: The program provides funding to support locally-driven, marine debris prevention, assessment, and removal projects that will benefit coastal habitat, waterways, and NOAA trust resources.

Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Research Program. NOAA. Deadline: 11/2/15. Synopsis: The Saltonstall-Kennedy Act established a fund to provide grants or cooperative agreements for fisheries research and development projects addressing aspects of U.S. fisheries, including, but not limited to, harvesting, processing, marketing, and associated business infrastructures.

Coral Reef Conservation Program International Coral Reef Conservation Cooperative Agreements. NOAA. Deadline: 11/19/15 for required preapplications, 2/18/16 for invited applications. Synopsis: CRCP solicits proposals that will support the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program’s International Strategy 2010-2015, that focuses on supporting existing regional efforts in four priority regions based on their interconnections with U.S. reef ecosystems and existing initiatives and partnerships. Two priority regions will be considered: the Wider Caribbean and Micronesia.

2016 Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise Program - Advancing Predictive Capabilities to Evaluate Natural and Nature-based Features. NOAA. Deadline: 1/8/16. Synopsis: The overall goal of EESLR is to facilitate informed adaptation planning and coastal management decisions through a multidisciplinary research program that results in integrated models and tools of dynamic physical and biological processes capable of evaluating vulnerability and resilience under multiple SLR, inundation, and coastal management scenarios. The geographic scope of this particular EESLR funding announcement is limited to coastal regions of (1) southern California, defined as San Louis Obispo County south to the US/Mexico border, and (2) the Gulf of Mexico.

Defense Department

Extreme DDoS Defense (XD3). DARPA. Deadline: 10/13/15. Synopsis: The XD3 program aims to thwart DDoS attacks by dispersing cyber assets (physically and/or logically), disguising the characteristics and behaviors of those assets, and mitigating the attacks (especially low‐volume attacks) that still penetrate the targeted environment.

Stand-Off and Remote Improvised Explosive Device Detection and Neutralization. Office of Naval Research. Deadline: 10/14/15 for strongly encouraged white papers, 12/17/15 for proposals. Synopsis: ONR is soliciting FY16, 6.1 Basic Research topics to purse fundamental science and innovation that provide promising new approaches and concepts to advance current state-of-art technologies and understanding of phenomenology that will ultimately lead to improving in standoff detection and neutralization of improvised explosive device and their related components from outside of explosive hazard range.

Fuels and Combustion Technologies for Aerospace Propulsion II. Air Force Research Laboratory. Deadline: 10/20/15. Synopsis: The purpose is to investigate and evaluate advanced fuels and fuel technologies, fuel system component development, advanced combustor and augmentor designs, advanced fuel properties measurements, fuel system component development and safety and combustion emissions along with their integration into advanced aerospace applications and advanced technologies to prevent and mitigate fuel biodeterioration.

Multi-INT Research Initiatives at The Naval Postgraduate School. Deadline: 11/30/15. Synopsis: The Naval Postgraduate School Center for Multi-INT Studies (CMIS) has a bold vision to transform the field of intelligence and seeks to vastly improve the current state of the art in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. To this end, CMIS supports innovative, independent research that has the potential to expand knowledge in related areas.

Young Investigator Program (YIP). Office of Naval Research. Deadline: 12/1/15. Synopsis: ONR's YIP seeks to identify and support academic scientists and engineers who are in their first or second full-time tenure-track or tenure-track-equivalent academic appointment, have begun their first appointment on or after 01 Nov 2010, and who show exceptional promise for doing creative research.

DSO Office-wide BAA. DARPA. Deadline: 6/2/16 for abstracts, 7/2/16 for proposals. Synopsis: This BAA solicits executive summaries, abstracts and proposals for revolutionary research efforts applicable to the Defense Sciences Office mission.

Information Innovation Office (I2O) Office-wide. DARPA. Deadline: 6/10/16 for abstracts, 8/2/16 for proposals. Synopsis: DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals of interest to the I2O . I2O develops high-payoff information science and technology to provide a decisive information advantage for the U.S. and its allies.

DoD USAMRMC FY16 Broad Agency Announcement for Extramural Medical Research. Deadline: 9/30/16. Synopsis: The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command’s mission is to provide solutions to medical problems of importance to the American Service member at home and abroad, as well as to the general public at large. This FY16 BAA is intended to solicit extramural research and development ideas.

Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology. ONR. Deadline: The Office of Naval Research is interested in receiving proposals which offer potential for advancement and improvement of Navy and Marine Corps operations. ONR funds research across a spectrum of science and engineering disciplines.

Education Department

Institute of Education Science (IES): Special Education Research: Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Special Education Interventions. Deadline: 1/12/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to support rigorous evaluations of education interventions implemented by SEAs and LEAs that have important implications for improving student education outcomes.

Institute of Education Sciences (IES): Education Research: Low-Cost, Short-Duration Evaluation of Education Interventions. Deadline: 1/12/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to support rigorous evaluations of education interventions implemented by SEAs and LEAs that have important implications for improving student education outcomes.

Energy Department

Atmospheric System Research Program. Office of Science. Deadline: 11/3/15 for required preapplications, 1/20/16 for applications. Synopsis: The goal of the ASR program is to improve the scientific understanding and treatment of clouds, aerosols, and radiative transfer processes in atmospheric models, that in turn are combined with ocean, terrestrial, and ice sheet models to make projections of climate change.

Atmospheric System Research Program – New Data Products. Office of Science. Deadline: 11/3/15 for required preapplications, 1/13/16 for applications. Synopsis: The ASR program announces its interest in research grant applications to develop new proof-of-concept data products from ARM site instruments, such that new data products represent novel and improved information involving geophysical variables that in turn are utilized by regional and global climate models.

Single-Pane Highly Insulating Efficient Lucid Designs (SHIELD). ARPA-E. Deadline: 10/18/15 for concept papers. Synopsis: The program seeks to reduce this consumption by funding the development of energy-efficient and cost-effective retrofits for the substantial remaining stock of single-pane windows in the U.S.

FY 2016 Continuation of Solicitation for the Office of Department of Energy - Office of Science. Deadline: 9/30/16. Synopsis: The Office of Science announces its continuing interest in receiving grant applications for support of work in the following program areas: Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Basic Energy Sciences, Biological and Environmental Research, Fusion Energy Sciences, High Energy Physics, and Nuclear Physics.

Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science (IDEAS) 2015. ARPA-E. Deadline: 9/30/16 for required concept papers. Synopsis: This FOA provides a continuing opportunity for the rapid support of early-stage applied research to explore innovative new concepts with the potential for transformational and disruptive changes in energy technology.

Health and Human Services Department

For more NIH program announcements, see Funding Opportunities and Notices.

GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project (GUDMAP) - Atlas Projects (U01). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/9/15. Synopsis: This FOA requests applications for GUDMAP Atlas Projects to generate data for the GUDMAP database. The scope of Atlas projects is limited to either human or murine studies.

GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project (GUDMAP) - Database/Website Project (U24). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/9/15. Synopsis: In this Funding Opportunity Announcement, applications are invited for a data coordinating center for the GUDMAP consortium.

GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project (GUDMAP) - Human Tissue Core (U24). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/9/15. Synopsis: The Human Tissue Core will identify and manage tissue source site(s), ensure tissue quality, and distribute human kidney and lower urinary tract samples to the Atlas Project sites.

U.S.-India Collaborative Vision Research Program (R01). NEI. Deadline: 11/9/15. Synopsis: This FOA encourages applications from U.S.-based institutions with an Indian institution partner to establish bilateral collaborations that will advance science and technology important to understanding, preventing, and treating blinding eye diseases, visual disorders, and their complications.

NCI Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (NCI Omnibus R21). Deadline: 11/10/15. Synopsis: The NCI R21 funding opportunity supports the development of new research activities in all areas of cancer research. The R21 mechanism is intended to encourage exploratory and developmental research projects by providing support for the early and conceptual stages of these projects.

National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility (P50). NICHD. Deadline: 11/12/15. Synopsis: These centers will form a national network that facilitates and accelerates bidirectional knowledge transfer between the laboratory and clinic with the ultimate goal of improving human reproductive health through enhanced communication, innovation and research excellence.

Understanding the Pathogenesis and Etiology of Type 1 Diabetes Using Biosamples and Subjects from Clinical Studies (DP3). NIDDK, NIAID. Deadline: 11/12/15. Synopsis: This opportunity is intended to fund collaborative projects using subjects (and/or their samples) who have been phenotypically and genetically characterized for risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

NIDDK Cooperative Hematology Specialized Core Centers (U54). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/12/15. Synopsis: The NIDDK Hematology Centers Program is designed to increase resource sharing and collaboration in the national multi-disciplinary research effort to combat nonmalignant hematologic diseases.

AHRQ Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Clinical Decision Support Learning Network (U18). AHRQ. Deadlne: 11/13/15. Synopsis: The purpose of the PCOR CDS Learning Network is to engage stakeholders in the dissemination and implementation of PCOR findings through CDS and to promote incorporation of PCOR into clinical practice through CDS.

Interdisciplinary Training in Bioinformatics and Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disease (T32). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/17/15. Synopsis: This FOA will support institutional training programs for predoctoral and postdoctoral level researchers with backgrounds in bioinformatics, mathematics and/or computational sciences with mentors from both computational and biological backgrounds.

Developmental Mechanisms of Human Structural Birth Defects (P01). NICHD. Deadline: 11/18/15. Synopsis: The purpose is to support innovative, multidisciplinary, interactive, and synergistic program projects (P01s) that integrate basic, translational, and clinical approaches to understanding the developmental biology and genetic basis of significant congenital human malformations.

CAPSTONE Centers for Multidisciplinary Research in Child Abuse and Neglect (P50). NICHD. Deadline: 11/19/15. Synopsis: This FOA will use the specialized research center mechanism (P50) to call for multidisciplinary centers to serve as the CAPSTONE for research and education n child maltreatment and as a resource for the field.

Chemistry, Toxicology, and Addiction Research on Waterpipe Tobacco (R01). NIH, FDA. Deadline: 11/20/15. Synopsis: The purpose is to encourage biomedical, behavioral, and social science research that will inform the development and evaluation of possible regulatory action on waterpipe (or hookah) tobacco products.

Research Centers for Cancer Systems Biology Consortium (U54). NCI. Deadline: 11/20/15. Synopsis: The National Cancer Institute will fund a new CSBC that includes U54 CSBC Research Centers, a Coordinating Center and other related research projects supported through the U01 mechanism. CSBC Research Centers proposed in response to this FOA must demonstrate explicit integration of experimental biology and computational modeling to test and validate novel hypotheses or ideas of high importance in cancer research.

Coordinating Center for the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium and the Physical Sciences-Oncology Network (U24). NCI. Deadline: 11/20/15. Synopsis: The goal is to enhance and integrate the research conducted by individual CSBC awardees and the Physical Sciences in Oncology Network (PS-ON) by creating a CSBC/PS-ON Coordinating Center.

Advanced Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research and Management (U24). NCI. Deadline: 11/20/15, 6/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to invite Cooperative Agreement (U24) applications for advanced development and enhancement of emerging informatics technologies to improve the acquisition, management, analysis, and dissemination of data and knowledge across the cancer research continuum.

Early-Stage Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research and Management (U01). NCI. Deadline: 11/20/15, 6/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to invite Cooperative Agreement (U01) applications for the development of enabling informatics technologies to improve the acquisition, management, analysis, and dissemination of data and knowledge across the cancer research continuum.

Sustained Support for Informatics Resources for Cancer Research and Management (U24). NCI. Deadline: 11/20/15, 6/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to invite Cooperative Agreement (U24) applications for the continued development and sustainment of high-value informatics research resources to serve current and emerging needs across the cancer research continuum.

Development of Innovative Informatics Methods and Algorithms for Cancer Research and Management (R21). NCI. Deadline: 11/20/15, 6/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to invite exploratory/developmental research grant (R21) applications for the development of innovative methods and algorithms in biomedical computing, informatics, and data science addressing priority needs across the cancer research continuum.

Urological Epidemiology (UroEpi) Institutional Research Career Development Program (K12). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/23/15. Synopsis: This FOA invites institutional career development program (K12) applications in the area of epidemiology of benign urological conditions.

Urological Epidemiology (UroEpi) Research Training Program (T32). NIDDK. Deadline: 11/23/15. Synopsis: This FOA invites research training (T32 program) applications in the area of epidemiology of benign urological conditions.

NCI Outstanding Investigator Award (R35). Deadline: 11/23/15. Synopsis: The objective is to provide long-term support to accomplished investigators with outstanding records of cancer research productivity who propose to conduct exceptional research. The OIA is intended to allow investigators the opportunity to take greater risks, be more adventurous in their lines of inquiry, or take the time to develop new techniques.

Translational Research on Adducts in Cancer Risk Identification and Prevention (U01). NCI. Deadline: 11/23/15, 7/11/16. Synopsis: This FOA encourages clinically relevant translational/epidemiological research projects focused on the use of adducts to cellular macromolecules, as indicators of exposures to cancer risk factors in human populations and subgroups.

Innovative Basic Research on Adducts in Cancer Risk Identification and Prevention (R01) (R21). NCI, NIEHS. Deadline: 11/23/15, 7/11/16. Synopsis: This FOA encourages research projects focused on adducts to cellular macromolecules as indicators of exposures to cancer risk factors relevant to human populations.

Oral HIVacc: Oral Mucosal Immunization Approaches for HIV Prevention (R01). NIDCR. Deadline: 11/24/15. Synopsis: This FOA solicits research projects to develop and test novel HIV vaccines for direct administration into oral lymphoid tissues to trigger protective, local and systemic immunity.

The Pancreatic Cancer Detection Consortium (U01). NCI. Deadline: 11/25/15, 5/26/16. Synopsis: This FOA invites applications from multi-disciplinary teams of researchers and clinicians to establish the Pancreatic Cancer Detection Consortium to conduct research to improve the detection of early stage pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and characterization of its precursor lesions.

Administrative Supplements for Research on Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Populations (Admin Supp). NIH. Deadline: 11/30/15. Synopsis: The NIH Office of the Director announces the availability of administrative supplements to expand existing research to focus on Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) health.

Centers in Self-Management of Symptoms: Building Research Teams for the Future (P20). NINR. Deadline: 11/30/15. Synopsis: The purpose of NINR P20 Centers is to plan and build new research teams in interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research for scientists conducting self-management of symptoms.

Centers of Excellence in Self-Management of Symptoms (P30). NINR. Deadline: 11/30/15. Synopsis: The purpose of this program is to support NINR P30 Centers of Excellence for the sustainability of and to enhance interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research for scientists conducting Self-Management of Symptoms.

National Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance Competitive Grants Program: Regional Center Grants to Enhance Food Safety. FDA. Deadline: 12/2/15. Synopsis: The intention of this program is to begin building an infrastructure that will support a national food safety training, education, extension, outreach, and technical assistance system and provide significant opportunities for funding through subcontracts and for partnerships with stakeholder groups.

NIDA Translational Avant-Garde Award for Development of Medication to Treat Substance Use Disorders (UG3/UH3). Deadlne: 12/3/15. Synopsis: The purpose is to support basic and/or clinical researchers with the vision and expertise to translate research discoveries into medications for the treatment of Substance Use Disorders stemming from tobacco, cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or prescription opiate use.

High Impact Neuroscience Research Resource Grants (R24). NINDS. Deadline: 12/9/15. Synopsis: This FOA supports high impact efforts to make resources available to neuroscience researchers. Projects should engage in one or more of the following activities: propagation of cutting edge reagents or techniques, dissemination of resources to new user groups, or innovative approaches to increase the scale/efficiency of resource production and delivery.

Multidisciplinary Approaches for Developmental Research with Individuals with Disorders of Sexual Development (R01) (R03) (R21). NICHD. Deadline: 12/9/15. Synopsis: The objective is to develop a scientific basis for maximizing developmental outcomes for the relatively rare conditions of DSD and to create a consortium of researchers for collaboration and data sharing.

Planning for Regional Centers of Research Excellence in Non-communicable Diseases in Low and Middle Income Countries (P20). NCI. Deadline: 12/10/15. Synopsis: The goal is to facilitate the planning, designing and initial research focus of Regional Centers of Research Excellence for non-communicable disease, including cancer, in low and middle-income countries.

Collaborative Research in Genomics, Epigenomics, and Bioinformatics in Gynecologic Health and Disease (R01) (R21). NICHD. Deadline: 12/10/15. Synopsis: The purpose is to encourage the application of existing and newly emerging genomic, epigenomic, and bioinformatics tools to generate novel insights into the development, progression, and treatment of select disorders in gynecologic health and disease.

Centers of Research Translation (P50). NIAMS. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: Overall, a CORT research program could be carried out by a synergistic team of scientists who will address a highly significant translational research challenge in a disease or condition within the mission of the NIAMS.

Abuse Liability Associated with Reduced Nicotine Content Tobacco Products (R01). NIH, FDA. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: The purpose of this FOA is to generate data to inform the FDA on ways to reduce the addictiveness and resulting public health toll from tobacco product use in the United States.

Pre-application: Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center (X02). Deadline: 12/15/15. Synopsis: The X02 pre-application is the recommended (not required) first step in the application process for the companion FOA. In order to be eligible for this program, the application must include at least one intramural scientist as Program Director/Principal Investigator or collaborator, and at least some of the research must be conducted at the NIH Clinical Center.

NINDS Morris K. Udall Centers of Excellence for Parkinson's Disease Research (P50). Deadline: 12/15/15. Synopsis: The overarching goal of the specialized Udall Centers program is to establish a network of Centers that work collaboratively as well as independently to define the causes of and discover improved treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

BRAIN Initiative: Research Opportunities Using Invasive Neural Recording and Stimulating Technologies in the Human Brain (U01). NIH. Deadline: 12/15/15. Synopsis: Human studies using invasive technology are often constrained by a limited number of patients and resources available to implement complex experimental protocols and are rarely aggregated in a manner that addresses research questions with appropriate statistical power. This FOA seeks applications to assemble integrated, multi-disciplinary teams to overcome these fundamental barriers.

Dear Colleague Letter: Enabling the Future of Making to Catalyze New Approaches in STEM Learning and Innovation. Deadline: 12/17/15. Synopsis: The purpose o is to encourage EAGER proposals to conduct exploratory work in its early stages on untested, but potentially transformative, research ideas or approaches that advance the frontier of knowledge with respect to STEM learning and design thinking.

Using Omics to Define Human Placental Development and Function Across Pregnancy (R01) (R21). NICHD. Deadline: 12/18/15. Synopsis: This FOA invites grant applications for research directed at the development of omics profiles reflecting human placental development and function across gestation.

BRAIN Initiative: Technology Sharing and Propagation (R03). NIH. Deadline: 1/6/16. Synopsis: This FOA provides funds to enable the incorporation of new technologies or data analysis techniques into research programs that further the aims of the BRAIN initiative.

BRAIN Initiative: Foundations of Non-Invasive Functional Human Brain Imaging and Recording - Bridging Scales and Modalities (R01). NIH. Deadline: 1/6/16. Synopsis: This FOA specifically seeks to support efforts that will revolutionize our understanding of the biological activity underlying, and bioinformatic content of, data collected using contemporary non-invasive functional brain imaging techniques.

Ethical Issues in Research on HIV/AIDS and its Co-Morbidities (R01) (R21). NIAID, NCI, NIMH. Deadline: 1/7/16, 9/7/16. Synopsis: This FOA invites applications addressing ethical issues relevant to research on HIV and associated co-morbidities, including research with populations living with or at high risk of HIV acquisition.

Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in HIV Research with Key Populations (R01) (R21). NIAID, NIMH. Deadline: 1/7/16, 9/7/16. Synopsis: This FOA encourages applications to analyze and address ethical, legal, or policy challenges specific to work with key populations in HIV research or health care.

Alzheimer's Disease Translational Center for Disease Model Resources (U54). NIA. Deadline: 1/11/16. Synopsis: The purpose of the Center is to: develop the next generation of rodent animal models of AD; conduct extensive characterization and clinico-pathological staging of AD animal models using translatable biomarkers; develop translatable pharmacodynamic biomarkers for well validated therapeutic targets; develop and implement guidelines for standardized best practices for the rigorous preclinical testing of AD candidates; conduct preclinical testing of candidate AD therapeutics and transparent reporting.

Characterization of Mycobacterial Induced Immunity in HIV-infected and Uninfected Individuals (R21). NIAID. Deadline: 1/11/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to support hypothesis-generating research on innate and adaptive immune responses induced by mycobacterial infection, Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine (BCG), or other Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) vaccinations.

Collaborative Networks to Advance Delirium Research (R24). NIA. Deadline: 1/12/16. Synopsis: This FOA is intended to support a collaborative network to advance scientific research on the causes, mechanisms, outcomes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of delirium in older adults.

Aging Research on Stress and Resilience to Address Health Disparities in the United States (R01). NIA. Deadline: 1/13/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to stimulate interdisciplinary health-disparities research related to aging that considers the role that stress, stress response, and stress resilience play in differential health outcomes in priority health disparity populations in the U.S.

Behavioral Epigenomics of Aging in Twin Studies (U24). NIA. Deadline: 1/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose of this FOA is to accelerate progress in behavioral genomics and aging via the establishment of a twin-epigenomic network that will facilitate collaboration between existing twin studies of aging, including work on the harmonization of phenotypes and (epi)genotype collection procedures as well as the development of statistical methods for the analysis and meta-analysis of data sets including genomic, epigenomic, gene expression, and behavioral phenotypic data.

Networks to Develop Priority Areas of Behavioral & Social Research (R24). NIA. Deadline: 1/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to provide infrastructure support for advancing development of specific high priority areas of behavioral and social research of relevance to aging.

HIV-infected Adolescents: Transitioning from the Pediatric to the Adult Care Setting (R01) (R21). NICHD. Deadline: 1/14/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to solicit applications on transition of HIV-infected youth to adult care with the goal of developing an evidence base to support guidelines applicable to low, middle, and high income countries.

Behavioral Interventions to Prevent HIV in Diverse Adolescent Men Who Have Sex with Men (U01). NIMHD. Deadline: 1/15/16. Synopsis: The purpose of this initiative is to test behavioral HIV prevention interventions for diverse populations of adolescent (age 13-18) men who have sex with men.

NEI Audacious Goal Initiative: Discovery-based Science to Identify Factors Influencing Neural Regeneration in the Visual System (U01). Deadline: 1/15/16. Synopsis: The purpose of this FOA is to invite applications proposing to use discovery-based approaches to identify unknown factors critical to the regeneration of neurons, guiding their axons to targets, and making new functional connections.

Phased Innovation Award for Mechanistic Studies to Optimize Mind and Body Interventions in NCCIH High Priority Research Topics (R61/R33). NCCIH. Deadline: 1/15/16. Synopsis: The purpose of this FOA is to encourage the use of a phased research approach to strengthen our understanding and utilization of the underlying mechanisms and processes associated with mind and body interventions.

Innovation Award for Mechanistic Studies to Optimize Mind and Body Interventions in NCCIH High Priority Research Topics (R33). NCCIH. Deadline: 1/15/16. Synopsis: The purpose of this FOA is to strengthen our understanding and utilization of the underlying mechanisms and processes associated with mind and body interventions.

Mechanisms Underlying the Contribution of Type 1 Diabetes Risk-Associated Variants (DP3). NIDDK, NIAID. Deadline: 2/17/16. Synopsis: This FOA encourages research project grant applications for projects to characterize the genetic variations in human genomic regions that have been putatively associated with type 1 diabetes and conduct follow-up functional studies of particular genetic variants.

Type 1 Diabetes Pathfinder Award (DP2). NIDDK, NIAID. Deadlne: 2/17/16. Synopsis: The goal is to support a small number of early stage investigators of exceptional creativity who propose bold and highly innovative new research approaches that have the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important problems in biomedical and behavioral research relevant to type 1 diabetes and its complications.

Utilizing the PLCO Biospecimens Resource to Bridge Gaps in Cancer Etiology and Early Detection Research (U01). NCI. Deadline: 2/17/16, 8/16/16. Synopsis: This FOA encourages the submission of applications that propose to advance research in cancer etiology and early detection biomarkers, utilizing the advantages of the unique biorepository resources of the NCI-sponsored Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer (PLCO) Screening Trial.

International Research Scientist Development Award (IRSDA) (K01). Fogarty International Center. Deadline: 3/2/16. Synopsis: The purpose is to provide support and protected time to advanced postdoctoral U.S. research scientists and recently-appointed U.S. junior faculty for an intensive, mentored research career development experience in a low- or middle-income country leading to an independently funded research career focused on global health.

Exploration of the Roles of Brown and Beige Adipose Tissue in Humans (R01). NIDDK. Deadline: 3/9/16. Synopsis: This FOA invites applications to investigate the biological functions of brown and beige adipose tissue in humans, other than heat production and maintenance of body temperature, and to explore their impact on human health.

Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism (INIA) Consortia (Collaborative U01). NIAAA. Deadline: 3/10/16. Synopsis: This FOA solicits cooperative agreements to participate in two consortia under the INIA. This FOA solicits collaborative research projects (U01) applications.

Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism (INIA) Consortia Research Resource Core (U24). NIAAA. Deadline: 3/10/16. Synopsis: This FOA solicits a research core application to support the consortium.

Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism (INIA) Consortia Administrative Resource Core (U24). NIAAA. Deadline: 3/10/16. Synopsis: This FOA solicits an administrative core application to support the consortium.

Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center (U01). Deadline: 4/11/16. Synopsis: The goal of this program is to support collaborative translational research projects aligned with NIH efforts to enhance the translation of basic biological discoveries into clinical applications that improve health. In order to be eligible for this program, the application must include at least one intramural scientist as Program Director/Principal Investigator or collaborator, and at least some of the research must be conducted at the NIH Clinical Center.

The Role of the Human Virome in Heart, Lung, and Blood Health and Resilience (R61/R33). NHLBI. Deadline: 6/24/15, 8/9/16 for AIDS. Synopsis: The purpose of this FOA is to support research to identify and evaluate the basic underlying molecular and physiological mechanisms by which the virome may influence heart, lung, and blood health and resilience.

Interior Department

Wildlife Without Borders - Western Hemisphere Program (Mexico). Fish and Wildlife Service. Deadline: 10/16/15. Synopsis: The program goal is o conserve priority species, habitats and ecological processes across landscapes with high biodiversity value in Mexico. Proposed project activities should take place in Mexico. If work is to be conducted in the United States, the proposal must show a clear impact on biodiversity conservation in Mexico to be eligible for funding.

Science and Technology Projects Related to Coal Mining and Reclamation. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. Deadline: 11/3/15. Synopsis: OSMRE is requesting applied science proposals for projects that develop and demonstrate improved science and technologies related to the mining of coal and the reclamation of the land after mining.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

For more NASA solicitations, see NSPIRES.

Research Opportunities in Materials Science - MaterialsLab Open Science Campaigns for Experiments on the International Space Station. Deadline: 10/29/15 for Step-1 proposals, 1/14/16 for invited Step-2 proposals. Synopsis: This NASA Research Announcement solicits materials science research proposals to define broadly scoped investigations to be conducted aboard the ISS. The research will be conducted as part of the NASA Physical Sciences MaterialsLab Open Science Campaign.

NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships (NSTRF). Deadline: 11/5/15. Synopsis: This call for graduate student fellowship applications solicits applications from individuals pursuing or planning to pursue master’s (e.g., M.S.) or doctoral (e.g., Ph.D.) degrees in relevant space technology disciplines at accredited U.S. universities.

Research Opportunities in Aeronautics - 2015. Deadline: Varies, through 3/31/16. Synopsis: Under the FY 2015 ROA NRA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate will continue solicitation of foundational and systems-level research proposals for four programs within ARMD: the Advanced Air Vehicles Program, the Airspace Operations and Safety Program, the Integrated Aviation Systems Program, and the Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program. Detailed requirements, including Proposal Due Dates will be stated in Appendices that address individual Thrust Areas. Additional appendices will be posted as Amendments to the ROA NRA and will be published as requirements materialize throughout the year.

Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES)–2015. Deadline: Varies, through 4/30/16. Synopsis: This NRA covers all aspects of basic and applied supporting research and technology in space and Earth sciences, including, but not limited to: theory, modeling, and analysis of SMD science data; aircraft, scientific balloon, sounding rocket, International Space Station, CubeSat and suborbital reusable launch vehicle investigations; development of experiment techniques suitable for future SMD space missions; development of concepts for future SMD space missions; development of advanced technologies relevant to SMD missions; development of techniques for and the laboratory analysis of both extraterrestrial samples returned by spacecraft, as well as terrestrial samples that support or otherwise help verify observations from SMD Earth system science missions; determination of atomic and composition parameters needed to analyze space data, as well as returned samples from the Earth or space; Earth surface observations and field campaigns that support SMD science missions; development of integrated Earth system models; development of systems for applying Earth science research data to societal needs; and development of applied information systems applicable to SMD objectives and data.

National Endowment for the Arts

NEA Research: Art Works, FY2016. Deadline: 10/20/15. Synopsis: The How Art Works system map presents several different research areas. Research areas include the system's core components of Arts Participation and Arts Creation; the system's inputs (Arts Infrastructure and Education & Training); and the system's main outcomes.

NEA Literature Fellowships: Translation Projects, FY2017. Deadline: 12/8/15. Synopsis: The Arts Endowment supports projects for the translation of specific works of prose, poetry, or drama from other languages into English.

National Endowment for the Humanities

Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections. Deadline: 12/1/15. Synopsis: SCHC helps cultural institutions meet the complex challenge of preserving large and diverse holdings of humanities materials for future generations by supporting sustainable conservation measures that mitigate deterioration and prolong the useful life of collections.

Collaborative Research Grants. Deadline: 12/9/15. Synopsis: Grants support interpretive humanities research undertaken by two or more collaborating scholars, for full-time or part-time activities for periods of one to three years.

Scholarly Editions and Translations Grants. Deadline: 12/9/15. Synopsis: Grants support the preparation of editions and translations of pre-existing texts of value to the humanities that are currently inaccessible or available in inadequate editions.

National Science Foundation

For more NSF program deadlines, see Active Funding Opportunities.

Dear Colleague Letter: U.S. - China Joint Research Projects in Environmental Sustainability. Deadline: 10/20/15. Synopsis: This call is for research proposals from joint U.S. - China teams in two environmental sustainability topic areas: Topic 1. Combustion Related to Sustainable Energy; Topic 2. Urban Water Sustainability

Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET). Deadline: 10/20/15. Synopsis: The next CBET unsolicited proposal window will be October 1 - October 20, 2015.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Deadline: Varies by field, 10/26/15-10/30/15. Synopsis: The GRFP provides three years of support for the graduate education of individuals who have demonstrated their potential for significant research achievements in STEM and STEM education.

Division of Physics: Investigator-Initiated Research Projects (PHY). Deadline: Varies by subfield, 10/28/15-2/3/16. Synopsis: The Division is comprised of disciplinary programs covering experimental and theoretical research in the following major subfields of physics: Accelerator Science; Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Computational Physics; Elementary Particle Physics; Gravitational Physics; Integrative Activities in Physics; Nuclear Physics; Particle Astrophysics; Physics of Living Systems; Plasma Physics (supported under a separate solicitation); and Quantum Information Science.

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS). Deadline: 10/29/15. Synopsis: Through the CRCNS program, the NSF, the National Institutes of Health, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the French National Research Agency, and the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation support collaborative activities that will advance the understanding of nervous system structure and function, mechanisms underlying nervous system disorders, and computational strategies used by the nervous system.

Dear Colleague Letter - Support for Engaging Students and the Public in Polar Research. Deadline: 11/3/15 for Improving Undergraduate Science Education: Education and Human Resources (IUSE:EHR), 11/4/15 for Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL). Synopsis: In order to advance polar science educational opportunities, PLR, DUE and DRL will accept and review proposals for research and development projects that facilitate the use of data from polar regions in (1) undergraduate education or (2) informal science education.

Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources (IUSE: EHR). Deadline: 11/3/15 for Exploration and Design Tier, 1/13/16 for Development and Implementation Tiers. Synopsis: The program features two tracks: (1) Engaged Student Learning and (2) Institutional and Community Transformation. Two tiers of projects exist within each track: (i) Exploration and Design and (ii) Development and Implementation.

Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL). Deadline: 11/4/15. Synopsis: The AISL program supports seven types of projects: (1) Collaborative Planning, (2) Exploratory Pathways, (3) Research in Service to Practice, (4) Innovations in Development, (5) Broad Implementation, (6) Conferences, and (7) Informal STEM Learning Resource Center (FY 2016 only).

EarthCube: Enterprise Governance. Deadline: 12/14/15. Synopsis: This solicitation seeks the services of a qualified organization to provide a science support office for EarthCube governance.

CISE Research Infrastructure (CRI). Deadline: 11/10/15 for required preliminary proposals, 1/20/16 for proposals. Synopsis: The CRI program drives discovery and learning in the core CISE disciplines of the three participating CISE divisions by supporting the creation and enhancement of world-class research infrastructure that will support focused research agendas in computer and information science and engineering.

EarthScope. Deadline: 11/13/15. Synopsis: This Solicitation calls for single or collaborative proposals to conduct scientific research and/or education and outreach activities within North America that: Make use of capabilities provided through, and/or data and/or models derived from, GAGE, SAGE, and/or SAFOD; and Further the scientific and educational goals of EarthScope.

Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST). Deadline: 11/13/15. Synopsis: ITEST is a program that promotes PreK-12 student interests and capacities to participate in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and information and communications technology (ICT) workforce of the future.

Dear Colleague Letter: EFRI Research Experience and Mentoring (REM) Program. Deadline: 11/13/15. Synopsis: Awardees with active EFRI research grants may apply for supplemental funding. REM funding will support costs associated with bringing Research Participants into the laboratory over the summer to participate in research aligned with the EFRI-supported research goals. REM funds may also be used to extend the duration of structured mentoring into the academic year.

Integrated Earth Systems (IES). Deadline: 11/16/15. Synopsis: The overall goal of the program is to provide opportunity for collaborative, multidisciplinary research into the operation, dynamics and complexity of Earth systems at a budgetary scale between that of a typical project in the Division of Earth Sciences disciplinary programs and larger scale initiatives at the Directorate or Foundation level.

NSF/DOE Partnership in Basic Plasma Science and Engineering. Deadline: 11/19/15. Synopsis: The goal of the initiative is to enhance basic plasma research and education in this broad, multidisciplinary field by coordinating efforts and combining resources of the two agencies. The current solicitation also encourages submission of proposals to perform basic plasma experiments at NSF and DOE supported user facilities.

Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research (IBSS). Deadline: 12/1/15. Synopsis: IBSS promotes the conduct of interdisciplinary research by teams of investigators in the social and behavioral sciences. Emphasis is placed on support for research that involves researchers from multiple SBE disciplinary fields and that integrates scientific theoretical approaches and methodologies from multiple SBE disciplinary fields.

Quantum Information Science. Deadline: 12/3/15. Synopsis: QIS supports theoretical and experimental proposals that explore quantum applications to new computing paradigms or that foster interactions between physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists that push the frontiers of quantum-based information, transmission, and manipulation.

Computational Physics. Deadline: 12/3/15. Synopsis: CP supports research for computational and data-enabled science. The program emphasizes novel methods for high-performance computing that require significant code development.

Discovery Research PreK-12 (DRK-12). Deadline: 12/7/15. Synopsis: The DRK-12 program seeks to significantly enhance the learning and teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by PreK-12 students and teachers, through research and development of STEM education innovations and approaches.

Solar, Heliospheric, and INterplanetary Environment (SHINE). Deadline: 12/9/15. Synopsis: The solar and heliospheric research communities are dedicated to promoting enhanced understanding of, and predictive capabilities for, solar disturbances that propagate to the Earth.

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF). Deadline: 1/19/16. Synopsis: DMREF will support activities that accelerate materials discovery and development by building the fundamental knowledge base needed to design and make materials with specific and desired functions or properties from first principles.

EAR Postdoctoral Fellowships (EAR-PF). Deadline: 1/12/16. Synopsis: The Division of Earth Sciences (EAR) awards Postdoctoral Fellowships to recent recipients of doctoral degrees to carry out an integrated program of independent research and education.

Focused Research Hubs in Theoretical Physics (FRHTP). Deadline: 1/22/16. Synopsis: FRHTP are designed to enhance significant breakthroughs at an intellectual frontier of physics by providing resources beyond those available to individual investigators. The specific hub topics for this solicitation are: 1. Quantum Information Science (QIS); 2. Theoretical Nuclear Physics (TNP).

Division of Environmental Biology (DEB). Deadline: 1/25/16 for required preliminary proposals, 8/2/16 for proposals. Synopsis: DEB supports fundamental research on populations, species, communities, and ecosystems.

Long Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB). Deadline 1/25/16 for required preliminary proposals, 8/2/16 for proposals. Synopsis: The LTREB Program supports the generation of extended time series of data to address important questions in evolutionary biology, ecology, and ecosystem science.

Resource Implementations for Data Intensive Research in the Social Behavioral and Economic Sciences (RIDIR). Deadline: 2/29/16. Synopsis: The Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) seeks to develop user-friendly large-scale next-generation data resources and relevant analytic techniques to advance fundamental research in SBE areas of study.

Dear Colleague Letter: Supporting Research Advances in Smart and Connected Communities. Deadline: 3/1/16. Synopsis: NSF aims to accelerate fundamental understanding and stimulate basic research on frameworks that integrate and operate on data from multiple sources and at multiple temporal and spatial scales, new sociotechnical systems that are interconnected and interdependent, and new technologies for innovative applications and services to enable more livable, workable, sustainable, and connected communities.

Dimensions of Biodiversity. Deadline: 3/17/16. Synopsis: This campaign promotes novel integrative approaches to fill the most substantial gaps in our understanding of the diversity of life on Earth. The Dimensions of Biodiversity program again includes partnerships with the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) of Brazil in fiscal year 2016.

State of California

2015 Industrial Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Grants. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 10/29/15. Synopsis: The California Energy Commission is soliciting proposals to demonstrate pre-commercial and/or emerging energy efficient technologies that can directly reduce natural gas use in California’s industrial sectors.

Light Heavy-Duty to Medium Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Engine Integration and Demonstration Research. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 11/3/15. Synopsis: The purpose of this solicitation is to support the development, integration and demonstration of advanced natural gas engines in light heavy-duty vehicle to medium heavy-duty vehicle applications. The Energy Commission seeks natural gas engine projects that are based off of an existing diesel engine suitable for Class 3 through 7 vehicles and are in the final stages of development.

Reducing Costs for Communities and Businesses Through Integrated Demand-Side Management and Zero Net Energy Demonstrations. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 11/20/15. Synopsis: This solicitation will focus on piloting advanced technologies in existing and new buildings, developing strategies and models to identify the maximum level of energy efficiency that can be cost-effectively achieved by climate zone and building type, and demonstrating on a large scale integrated approaches to achieving zero net energy cost-effectively.

Regional Energy Innovation Clusters. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 12/15/15. Synopsis: The purpose of this solicitation is to fund “Applied Research and Development” and “Market Facilitation” projects that support the development and commercialization of promising new energy innovations that can provide benefits to electric ratepayers in Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric service territories. Regional Energy Innovation Clusters will provide and coordinate key services, assistance, resources, and infrastructure needed by entrepreneurs and researchers in the region to successfully bring to market energy innovations that can benefit IOU electric ratepayers.

Connecting Emerging Energy Technologies and Strategies to Market Needs and Opportunities. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 12/15/15. Synopsis: The purpose of this RFP is to select a contractor to provide market intelligence, analysis, and expertise to support the commercial success of emerging energy technologies and strategies that can provide benefits to electric ratepayers in California’s Investor-owned Utility service territories.

Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (SEED) Initiative. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 12/15/15. Synopsis: The purpose of this RFP is to select one contractor to develop and implement the SEED Initiative. The SEED Initiative will support the early development of promising new energy concepts that can provide benefits to electric ratepayers in Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric service territories.

Reduce the Environmental and Public Health Impacts Of Electrical Generation and Make the Electricity System Less Vulnerable to Climate Impacts: Phase II. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 12/18/15. Synopsis:

University of California

Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant Program. UC Natural Reserve System. Deadline: 10/26/15. Synopsis: The Natural Reserve System provides grants to support graduate students at all UC campuses except UCSF for their independent and field science studies at NRS reserves.

Community Research Collaborations (CRC): Pilot and Full Awards. California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP). Deadline: 10/26/15 for preapplications, 3/10/16 for applications. Synopsis: CRCs are community based participatory research, which includes collaborative decision-making and shared power in all phases of a research project.

Innovative, Developmental, and Exploratory Awards (IDEA). California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP). Deadline: 10/29/15 for letters of intent, 3/10/16 for applications. Synopsis: This program supports speculative, exploratory, high-risk/high-reward projects with a primary focus on breast cancer.

Translational Research Awards. California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP). Deadline: 10/29/15 for letters of intent, 3/10/16 for applications. Synopsis: To distinguish translational research from other types of research funding, CBCRP requires applicants to present a critical path that maps how the project fits along a defined research continuum leading to practical applications.

President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. UC Office of the President. Deadline: 11/1/15. Synopsis: The current program offers postdoctoral research fellowships, professional development and faculty mentoring to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at UC.

Conference Awards. California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP). Deadline: 11/5/15. Synopsis: At least one major objective of the conference or event must focus on breast cancer and at least 50% of the event must be devoted to accomplishing the breast cancer objective(s).

Delta Science Fellows Program 2015. California Sea Grant, UCSD. Deadline: 11/18/15. Synopsis: The Program was established to bring together graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with Bay-Delta agency scientists and senior research mentors to collaborate on data analysis and research projects applicable to the California Bay-Delta system. A combined total of approximately six postdoctoral and graduate fellowships are anticipated to be awarded for proposals addressing the 2015 priority research topics.

2016 UCLA Library Special Collections Short-term Research Fellowships. Deadline: 12/1/15. Synopsis: The program supports the use of special collections materials by visiting scholars and UCLA graduate students. Collections include materials in the humanities and social sciences, medicine, life and physical sciences, visual and performing arts, and UCLA history.

UC MEXUS Small Grants for UC Faculty. Deadline: First Monday of every month through 12/7/15. Synopsis: UC MEXUS announces a small grants competition for travel, short-term research, initial planning, or other special one-time needs related to the seed phase of projects or programs conducted by University of California researchers or research teams in the areas of: Mexico-Related Studies--All Disciplines, Latino Studies, United States-Mexican Relations, Critical U.S.-Mexico Issues, Latino and Mexican Topics in the Arts, and Collaborative Research Projects with Investigators at Mexican Institutions.

Cornelius Hopper Diversity Award Supplement (CHDAS), Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). UCOP. Deadline: 12/8/15. Synopsis: The CHDA supplements support the training of promising individuals either from underrepresented communities and/or who wish to pursue careers in tobacco-related research focused on underserved communities.

UCHRI Short-Term Collaborative Research Residency, 2016-17. University of California Humanities Research Institute. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: UCHRI invites proposals to use on-site institutional resources at UC Irvine. The convener must be a UC ladder rank faculty member who will be responsible for the organization and execution of the proposed project.

UCHRI Residential Research Group Fellowships. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: UCHRI invites individual applications from faculty, post-docs and graduate students across the disciplines interested in contributing to the Fall 2016 Residential Research Group on Queer Hemisphere: América Queer and the Winter 2017 Residential Research Group on Queer of Color Formations and Translocal Spaces in Europe.

UCHRI Conference Grants, 2016-17. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: UCHRI invites proposals for conferences focused on sharing scholarly research findings to be held on UC campuses or in public venues.

UCHRI Research Seminar Grants, 2016-17. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: UCHRI invites proposals for seminars to be held on UC campuses during one quarter or semester in the 2016-17 academic year.

UCHRI Multi-Campus Faculty Working Groups, 2016-17. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: The applicants / PIs must be UC ladder rank faculty members who will be responsible for the organization and execution of the proposed project.

UCHRI Multi-Campus Graduate Working Groups, 2016-17. Deadline: 12/11/15. Synopsis: UC Humanities PhD students, in conjunction with a faculty member who has agreed in advance to serve in the role of Principal Investigator (PI) are eligible.

Signatures Innovation Fellows Program. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 12/22/15. Synopsis: The Program supports innovative research by UC Berkeley faculty and researchers in the data science and software areas with a special focus on projects that hold commercial promise. All UC Berkeley ladder-rank faculty working in the areas of data science and software are eligible to apply. 

France-Berkeley Fund. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 1/29/16. Synopsis: The FBF considers projects jointly submitted by a tenured/tenure-track professor or permanent researcher at UC Berkeley or UC Davis and a professor or researcher with a permanent affiliation with a French public research institution or institution of higher learning. Grants of up to $12,000 will be awarded as seed money for new, innovative, bi-national collaborative research. Applications are welcome from all fields. 

UCHRI Graduate Student Dissertation Support, 2016-17. University of California Humanities Research Institute. Deadline: 2/11/16. Synopsis: In an effort to support diverse forms of graduate scholarship, UCHRI is offering funds previously allocated to California Studies projects in the form of a graduate student Dissertation Support Grant.

UCHRI Digital Humanities Funding, 2016-17. University of California Humanities Research Institute. Deadline: 2/12/16. Synopsis: These grants are intended to provide financial resources to support the development and creation of new digital humanities projects, or to provide financial resources to create or augment digital humanities components related to ongoing humanities research projects.

Residential Research Group (RRG): Topic Proposals, 2017-18. UCHRI Deadline: 2/12/16. Synopsis: UCHRI invites topic proposals for research groups to be in residence at the Institute for either Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 quarter, conditional upon available funding.

UCHRI Engaging Humanities Grants, 2016-17. Deadline: 2/12/16. Synopsis: UCHRI invites proposals for public humanities projects.

UCHRI Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop, 2016-17. Deadline: 2/12/16. Synopsis: The grant provides financial resources to a junior faculty member to convene a workshop aimed at preparing her or his book manuscript for submission to a publisher.

Medicine & Humanities: The Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White Graduate Student Scholarship, 2016-17. University of California Humanities Research Institute. Deadline: 2/19/16. Synopsis: UC doctoral students working on a dissertation project in the Humanities and Medicine or in the Theoretical Social Sciences and Medicine are eligible.

University of California President’s Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities, 2016-17. University of California Humanities Research Institute. Deadline: 2/19/16. Synopsis: The program provides UC faculty with fellowship support to carry out an extended research project

Special Projects, Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). UCOP. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Grants support scientific conferences or investigators to evaluate new and breaking issues in tobacco control or tobacco-related disease research. Contact a TRDRP Program Officer regarding the appropriateness of your proposal prior to submission.

Western Integrated Pest Management Center Request for Applications - Ongoing Special Issues. UC Davis. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Special issues may be requested to bring together a group of people to address emerging issues such as a new pest, water issues, development of proposals for larger grants based on documented stakeholder needs, or development of Pest Alerts. The Center will give priority to requests that are multi-state in scope. Projects must be completed within one year of funding and be single-issue oriented.

UC MEXUS Resident Scholars Program. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) offers an academic residency program for researchers, scholars and artists at critical junctures in their academic careers. Up to four concurrent residencies are available at a time. Please consult UC MEXUS to determine if any positions remain open.

Nonprofit and Other Agencies

For funding opportunities from nonprofit and other agencies, please use the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements.

Barth Syndrome Foundation Request for Research Proposals. Deadline: 9/1/15 for letters of intent (mandatory for Development applications and applications answering specific RFAs, optional for Idea grant applicants), 10/31/15 for applications. Synopsis: The Barth Syndrome Foundation and its international affiliates announce the availability of funding for basic science and clinical research on the natural history, biochemical basis, and treatment of Barth syndrome. There are two categories: Idea grants for 1-2 years and Development grants for 2-3 years with budgetary maximums of US $50,000 or $100,000, respectively.

New Interventions for Global Health: Vaccine Manufacturing. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Deadline: 11/5/15 for letters of intent. Synopsis: This challenge focuses on innovations in vaccine manufacturing platforms designed to lower production cost for vaccines that target diseases of great global burden and that are among the most costly to produce with current technologies.

Grand Challenges Explorations. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Deadline: 11/11/15. Synopsis: Grand Challenges Explorations is seeking innovative global health and development solutions and is now accepting proposals in these categories: Novel Approaches to Characterizing and Tracking the Global Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance; Explore New Solutions in Global Health Priority Areas; Addressing Newborn and Infant Gut Health Through Bacteriophage-Mediated Microbiome Engineering; Explore New Ways to Measure Delivery and Use of Digital Financial Services Data.

American Asthma Foundation (AAF) Scholars Program. Deadline: 12/1/15. Synopsis: The AAF supports highly innovative research from all fields relevant to asthma. AAF is particularly interested in attracting investigators from outside the field to apply their expertise to the study of asthma. Investigators from within the field are also eligible for awards, but their proposed work must represent a departure from their current and past research. All grants will be to investigators who are within 10 years of their first independent faculty appointment.