These summaries of selected funding opportunity announcements with upcoming deadlines are compiled from and from agency announcements.

Find programs with funding in your area of interest by using the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements from federal and regional government sponsors, foundations, and other organizations. Federal agency program announcements are also available on For information on limited submission funding programs, where the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals a campus can submit, see Limited Submission Programs on the Sponsored Projects Office website.

The SPO website has additional resources on funding program information. For help with searching for funding, please contact Shelley Sprandel (, 2-8122).

Agriculture Department

For NIFA solicitations, see NIFA Grants.

Secondary Agriculture Education Challenge Grant Program. NIFA. Deadline: 3/10/17. Synopsis: The Secondary Education, Two-Year Postsecondary Education, and Agriculture in the K-12 Classroom Challenge Grants (SPECA) program seeks to promote and strengthen secondary education and two-year postsecondary education in the food, agriculture, natural resources and human (FANH) sciences; and promote complementary and synergistic linkages among secondary, two-year postsecondary, and higher education programs in the FANH sciences.

Special Research Grants Program, Potato Breeding Research. NIFA. Deadline: 3/10/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to support potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) research programs that focus on varietal development and testing and potato varieties for commercial production.

Regional Conservation Partnership Program. NRCS. Deadline: 4/21/17 for preapplications. Synopsis: Through the RCPP, NRCS seeks to co-invest with partners in innovative, workable and cost-effective approaches to benefit farming, ranching, and forest operations, local economies, and the communities and resources in a watershed or other geographic area.

Commerce Department

DARRP Restoration Implementation Grants. NOAA. Deadline: 3/6/17. Synopsis: The principal objective of the Damage Assessment, Remediation and Restoration Program (DARRP) 2017 Restoration Implementation Grants is for NOAA to collaborate with non-federal partners to accomplish common marine and coastal habitat conservation and restoration goals related to oil spills, hazardous substance releases, and other natural resource damages.

Ocean Technology Transition Project. NOAA. Deadline: 3/20/17. Synopsis: The primary objective is to reduce the Research to Operations transition period for ocean observing, product development, and data management technologies for the ocean, coastal and Great Lakes.

Community-based Restoration Program Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Grants. NOAA. Deadline: 3/24/17. Synopsis: The principal objective is to support fish habitat restoration projects that use an ecosystem-based approach to foster species recovery and increase fish populations.

NIST Standards Services Curricula Development (SSCD) Cooperative Agreement Program. Deadline: 3/27/17. Synopsis: The program provides financial assistance and support for curricula development to integrate standards and standardization content into undergraduate and/or graduate courses, modules, seminars, and learning resources at U.S. colleges and universities.

Defense Department

OFFensive Swarm Enabled Tactics (OFFSET). DARPA. Deadline: 3/1/17 for abstracts, 4/3/17 for proposals for Swarm Systems Integrators. Note: Calls for Swarm Sprinter proposals will be issued periodically. Synopsis: The goal of OFFSET is the design, development, and demonstration of a swarm system architecture – encoded in a realistic game-based environment and embodied in physical swarm autonomous platforms – to advance the innovation, interaction, and integration of novel swarm tactics.

RadioBio. DARPA. Deadline: 3/7/17 for abstracts, 4/12/17 for proposals. Synopsis: The Defense Sciences Office is soliciting innovative research proposals that investigate electromagnetic signaling in biosystems.

Pandemic Prevention Platform (P3). DARPA. Deadline: 3/13/17 for proposal abstracts, 5/1/17 for proposals. Synopsis: DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals to develop an end-to-end platform capability for preventing a pandemic threat in <60 days.

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Immersive Sciences for Training, Education, Mission Rehearsal, and Operations. Deadline: 3/9/17. Synopsis: The ONR Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism S&T Department (Code 30) is soliciting white papers and proposals for basic research in immersive sciences.

Boundary Layer Transition (BOLT) Experiments. AFOSR. Deadline: 4/7/17. Synopsis: The Air Force Research Laboratory seeks proposals to provide advances in our understanding of the boundary layer transition physics and transition front evolution on a low-curvature concave surface with a swept leading edge at high Mach numbers.

2017 Broad Agency Announcement. U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. Deadline: 1/31/18. Synopsis: ERDC has issued a BAA for various research and development topic areas. ERDC includes the Coastal and Hydraulics Lab, the Geotechnical and Structures Lab, the Reachback Operations Center, the Environmental Lab and the Information Technology Lab, the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, the Construction Engineering Research Lab, and the Geospatial Research Laboratory.

Education Department

OSERS: OSEP: Interdisciplinary Preparation in Special Education, Early Intervention, and Related Services for Personnel Serving Children With Disabilities Who Have High-Intensity Needs. Deadline: 3/6/17. Synopsis: The purposes are to help address State-identified needs for personnel preparation in special education, early intervention, related services, and regular education to work with children with disabilities; and ensure that those personnel have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in serving those children.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). Deadline: 3/10/17. Synopsis: The purpose of CAMP is to provide academic and financial support to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers and members of their immediate family complete their first year of college and continue in postsecondary education.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): High School Equivalency Program (HEP). Deadline: 3/10/17. Synopsis: The purposes of HEP are to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers and members of their immediate family: Obtain a general education diploma that meets the guidelines for high school equivalency established by the State in which the HEP project is conducted; and gain employment or be placed in an institution of higher education or other postsecondary education or training.

Energy Department

SENSOR. ARPA-E. Deadline: 3/17/17. Synopsis: This program aims to dramatically reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling residential buildings (by 30%) via user-transparent sensor systems that accurately sense human presence (not merely motion). This program also aims to reduce energy usage in commercial buildings (also by 30%) by enabling ventilation control based on sensor systems that can accurately count the number of humans in a pre-determined zone.

Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Program. National Nuclear Security Administration. Deadline: 4/30/17. Synopsis: The program supports state-of-the-art research at U.S. academic institutions in areas of fundamental physical science and technology of relevance to the Stockpile Stewardship Program mission.

Environmental Protection Agency

Using a Total Environment Framework (Built, Natural, Social Environments) to Assess Life-long Health Effects of Chemical Exposures. Deadline: 3/2/17. Synopsis: EPA seeks applications for research on how pollution affects human health in the context of the total environment – built, natural, and social environments interacting together with inherent characteristics and interactions.

Health and Human Services Department

For more NIH funding opportunities, see Funding.

Research to Support the Reduction and Elimination of Mental Health Disparities (Admin Supp). NIMH. Deadline: 4/1/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to support Administrative Supplements to active NIMH grants to foster research across the NIMH Strategic Objectives that target the reduction and elimination of mental health disparities by race and ethnicity, geography, and socioeconomic status in the United States.

Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC): Foundational Peripheral Neuroanatomy and Functional Neurobiology in Under-Studied Organs (U01). NIH. Deadline: 4/3/17. Synopsis: This FOA solicits applications for support of research to gather critical data and answer critical questions on functional peripheral neuroanatomy of organs and reveal the organ function controlled by neural circuits.

Tobacco Use and HIV in Low and Middle Income Countries (R01) (R21). NCI, NIDA. Deadline: 4/4/17, 11/1/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to encourage research focused on tobacco use and human immunodeficiency virus infection in low and middle income countries.

NIH Blueprint Diversity Specialized Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Advancement in Neuroscience (D-SPAN) Award (F99/K00). Deadline: 4/8/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to support a defined pathway across career stages for outstanding graduate students who are from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in neuroscience research.

Fundamental Mechanisms of Affective and Decisional Processes in Cancer Control (R01). NCI. Deadline: 4/11/17, 10/10/17. Synopsis: The FOA is expected to encourage collaboration among cancer control researchers and those from scientific disciplines not traditioThis Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Collaborative Research Centers (CRC). nally connected to cancer control applications to elucidate perplexing and understudied problems in affective and decision sciences with downstream implications for cancer prevention and control.

Activities to Promote Technology Research Collaborations (APTRC) for Cancer Research (Admin Supp). NCI. Deadline: 4/12/17, 7/25/17, 12/12/17. Synopsis: NCI administers two programs focused on supporting technology development research that offer transformative potential for advancing cancer research: the Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program and the Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research (ITCR) program. NCI invites requests for supplemental funding to support and encourage new multidisciplinary scientific collaborations among awardees from these two programs.

BRAIN Initiative: Research Career Enhancement Award for Investigators to Build Skills in a Cross-Disciplinary Area (K18). NIH. Deadline: 4/14/17. Synopsis: This FOA invites applications for mentored career enhancement (K18) awards in research areas that are highly relevant to the NIH BRAIN Initiative.

NCATS Pilot Program for Collaborative Drug Discovery Research using Bioprinted Skin Tissue (U18). Deadline: 4/14/17. Synopsis: The goal is to enable the development of 3D-bioprinted tissue models for drug discovery, including efficacy studies and toxicology research through a collaborative arrangement between the 3-D Bioprinting Program at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) and extramural scientists.

Pre-application for the NIH-Industry Program: Discovering New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (X02). NCATS. Deadline: 4/17/17. Synopsis: The program is designed to develop partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and the biomedical research community to advance therapeutics development.

NCMRR Early Career Research Award (R03). NICHD. Deadline: 4/21/17. Synopsis: The award is intended to support both basic and clinical research from rehabilitation scientists who are establishing independent research careers.

Research To Address Sleep Disorders in the Context of Medical Rehabilitation (R01). NICHD, NINR. Deadline: 4/21/17. Synopsis: Patients with many disabilities report problems sleeping, but specific sleep disorders are often not diagnosed. Research is needed on ways to best approach this complexity in the context of medical rehabilitation for a primary, non-sleep disorder.

Evaluating the NIDA Standardized Research E-Cigarette in Risk Reduction and Related Studies (U01). Deadline: 4/24/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to accelerate research evaluating electronic cigarettes as a potential means of reducing the risks associated with combustible tobacco use.

Integrated Approaches to HIV-Related Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep (HLBS) Comorbidities (R01). NHLBI. Deadline: 4/25/17. Synopsis: This FOA invites applications that propose "systems biology" approaches using clinical samples from HIV-infected patients to elucidate the biological perturbations associated with HIV-related heart, lung, blood, and sleep comorbidities.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs) (U54). NIH. Deadline: 5/2/17. Synopsis: This FOA invites applications for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Collaborative Research Centers (CRC).

Data Management and Coordinating Center (DMCC) for the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Collaborative Research Centers (CRC) (U24). NIH. Deadline: 5/2/17. Synopsis: This FOA will support the DMCC (U24) cooperative agreement that will focus on providing the infrastructure and support to the individual ME/CFS CRCs in their activities.

Aging Biology Research to Address Health Disparities (Admin Supp). NIA. Deadline: 5/3/17. Synopsis: This FOA announces the availability of administrative supplements to support aging biology research that addresses disparities in health.

Optimizing the HIV Care Continuum for Substance Abusing Populations at High-Risk and/or Living with HIV (R01). NIDA. Deadline: 5/9/17. Synopsis: This FOA encourages research that examines the optimization of multiple components of the care continuum, such as HIV testing (identification) status, linkage and retention in care, and viral suppression for individuals with HIV for substance abusing populations at high-risk and/or living with HIV.

Quantitative Imaging Tools and Methods for Cancer Therapy Response Assessment (UG3/UH3). NCI. Deadline: 5/9/17, 9/12/17. Synopsis: This FOA encourages research project applications to address the development, optimization and validation of quantitative imaging software tools and methods for prediction and/or measurement of response to cancer therapies or for planning and validating radiation therapy treatment strategies in clinical trials.

Quantitative Imaging Tools and Methods for Cancer Response Assessment (U01). NCI. Deadline: 5/9/17, 9/12/17. Synopsis: This purpose is to provide a mechanism of support to research organizations interested in clinically translating already optimized quantitative imaging software tools capable of measuring or predicting the response of cancer to clinical therapies, or in translating imaging tools for planning and validating radiation therapy treatment strategies in clinical trials.

Partnerships for the Development of Tools to Advance Therapeutic Discovery for Select Antimicrobial-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria (R01). NIAID. Deadline: 5/17/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to support milestone-driven projects focused on developing and utilizing novel predictive assays, models and/or research tools based on penetration and efflux of small molecules to facilitate therapeutic discovery for select Gram-negative bacterial pathogens: carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), MDR Acinetobacter and/or MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (R35). NIGMS. Deadline: 5/17/17. Synopsis: The MIRA is a grant to provide support for the program of research in an investigator's laboratory that falls within the mission of NIGMS.

International Bioethics Research Training Program (D43). FIC, NHGRI. Deadline: 5/18/17. Synopsis: The overall goal of this initiative is to support the development of a sustainable critical mass of bioethics scholars in low and middle income country research intensive institutions with the capabilities to conduct original empirical or conceptual ethics research that addresses challenging issues in health research and research policy in these countries as well as provide research ethics leadership to their institutions, governments and international research organizations.

Mechanisms of Disparities in Chronic Liver Diseases and Cancer (R01) (R21). NIMHD, NCI, NIAAA. Deadline: 5/22/17. Synopsis: The purpose of the initiative is to support multidisciplinary research to understand the underlying etiologic factors and the mechanisms that result in disparities in chronic liver diseases and cancer in the US.

International Research in Infectious Diseases, including AIDS (R01). NIAID. Deadline: 5/22/17, 8/22/17 for AIDS. Synopsis: This FOA encourages applications from organizations/institutions in eligible foreign countries that propose research related to infectious diseases that are of interest/importance to that country.

Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) (RM1). NHGRI. Deadline: 5/23/17. Synopsis: Each CEGS grant supports a multi-investigator, interdisciplinary team to develop innovative genomic approaches to address a particular biomedical problem.

NIMH Mentoring Networks for Mental Health Research Education (R25). Deadline: 5/24/17. Synopsis: This FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Mentoring Activities and in particular, mentoring networks.

NIMH Research Education Programs for Psychiatry Residents (R25). Deadline: 5/24/17. Synopsis: This FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Research Experiences and Courses for Skills Development.

NIMH Short Courses for Mental Health-Related Research Education (R25). Deadline: 5/24/17. Synopsis: This FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Courses for Skills Development.

Silvio O. Conte Centers for Basic Neuroscience or Translational Mental Health Research (P50). NIMH. Deadline: 5/24/17. Synopsis: The Conte Centers program is intended to support interdisciplinary basic neuroscience or translational research demonstrating an extraordinary level of synergy, integration, and potential for advancing the state of the field.

Multilevel Interventions in Cancer Care Delivery: Building from the Problem of Follow-up to Abnormal Screening Tests (U01). NCI. Deadline: 5/26/17. Synopsis: Appropriate applications for this FOA should propose to intervene at one or more levels, and must measure outcomes at three or more levels, while accounting for interactions that occur between levels.

Perception and Cognition Research to Inform Cancer Image Interpretation (R01) (R21). NCI, NIBIB. Deadline: 5/30/17, 9/26/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to facilitate research on the perceptual and cognitive processes underlying the performance of cancer image observers in radiology and pathology, in order to improve the accuracy of cancer detection and diagnosis.

Phased Innovation Award for Mechanistic Studies to Optimize Mind and Body Interventions in NCCIH High Priority Research Topics (R61/R33). Deadline: 6/1/17, 6/29/17 for AIDS. Synopsis: Understanding the mechanisms by which complementary or integrative Mind and Body Interventions exert their clinical effects is critical for the development of optimized interventions that target specific conditions and disorders.

Innovation Award for Mechanistic Studies to Optimize Mind and Body Interventions in NCCIH High Priority Research Topics (R33). Deadline: 6/1/17, 6/29/17 for AIDS. Synopsis: The purpose of is to encourage additional research to optimize the biological, neurological, physiological mechanisms or behavioral processes underlying Mind and Body Interventions.

NIMH Biobehavioral Research Awards for Innovative New Scientists (NIMH BRAINS) (R01). Deadline: 6/20/17. Synopsis: The award is intended to support the research and research career advancement of outstanding, exceptionally productive scientists who are in the early, formative stages of their careers and who plan to make a long term career commitment to research in specific mission areas of the NIMH.

National Centers for Cryoelectron Microscopy (U24). NIH. Deadline: 6/30/17. Synopsis: This initiative will establish national service centers to increase research capacity for molecular structure determination by high resolution cryoelectron microscopy (cryoEM).

Sex Hormone Induced Thromboembolism in Pre-Menopausal Women (R61/R33). NHLBI. Deadline: 6/30/17. Synopsis: The primary objective is to understand the mechanisms by which female sex hormones and sex hormone-based therapies can increase the risk of venous and arterial thromboembolism in pre-menopausal women.

Environmental influences on Placental Origins of Development (ePOD) R01. NIEHS. Deadline: 6/30/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to stimulate multidisciplinary research projects that use a combination of animal/cell models and non-invasive human placenta tissues or biomarkers to investigate how early life exposures affect placental growth, development, and function, and the subsequent health of the offspring.

Research Education Program Grants for CryoEM Curriculum Development (R25). NIH. Deadline: 7/25/17. Synopsis: This FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Curriculum or Methods Development in cryoelectron microscopy (cryoEM) for structural biology research.

Cellular Therapies for Treatment of Radiation Injuries (U01). NIAID. Deadline: 8/1/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to support studies to evaluate candidate cellular therapies to treat radiation-induced injuries in appropriate in vivo models when administered 24 hours or more post-irradiation.

Oral HIVacc: Synergistic Strategies to Systemic Vaccination (R01). NIDCR. Deadline: 11/24/17. Synopsis: This FOA encourages hypothesis driven basic, translational and pre-clinical science research to develop novel approaches for prophylactic oral mucosal vaccine that will be synergistic with systemic vaccination for protection against HIV infection.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

For more NASA solicitations, see NSPIRES.

Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) FY2017 - 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Large Mission Concept, Origins Space Telescope (OST) System Studies. Deadline: 3/1/17. Synopsis: The objective is to award cooperative agreements for partnerships with U.S. commercial business and/or colleges and universities that will meet the goal of developing the OST mission concept systems studies to meet specific NASA needs at GSFC, as well as those of the partner.

Early Career Faculty (ECF). Space Technology Mission Directorate. Deadline: 3/31/17. Synopsis: NASA Headquarters has released this solicitation as an appendix to the NRA titled Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion 2017 (SpaceTech-REDDI-2017).

Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences – 2016 (ROSES-2016). Deadline: Varies, through 6/1/17. Synopsis: This NRA covers all aspects of basic and applied supporting research and technology in space and Earth sciences.

Research Opportunities in Space Biology (ROSBio) - 2016. Deadline: Varies, through 12/31/17. Synopsis: This NRA solicits basic and applied Space Biology research in support of NASA’s Science Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications Division. ROSBio-2016 is an omnibus covering all aspects of basic and applied supporting research and technology in Space Biology. Specific Research Opportunities will be announced periodically throughout the coming year as Appendices to this Omnibus NRA.

ROSES 2017: Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science. Deadline: Varies, through 6/1/18. Synopsis: The NRA covers all aspects of basic and applied supporting research and technology in space and Earth sciences, including, but not limited to: theory, modeling, and analysis of SMD science data; aircraft, scientific balloon, sounding rocket, International Space Station, CubeSat and suborbital reusable launch vehicle investigations; development of experiment techniques suitable for future SMD space missions; development of concepts for future SMD space missions; development of advanced technologies relevant to SMD missions; development of techniques for and the laboratory analysis of both extraterrestrial samples returned by spacecraft, as well as terrestrial samples that support or otherwise help verify observations from SMD Earth system science missions; determination of atomic and composition parameters needed to analyze space data, as well as returned samples from the Earth or space; Earth surface observations and field campaigns that support SMD science missions; development of integrated Earth system models; development of systems for applying Earth science research data to societal needs; and development of applied information systems applicable to SMD objectives and data.

National Science Foundation

For more NSF program deadlines, see Active Funding Opportunities.

Thwaites: The Future of Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-level Rise. Deadline: 3/1/17. Synopsis: NSF and the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) have developed this joint program with the objective to substantially improve both decadal and longer-term (century-to-multi-century) projections of ice loss and sea-level rise originating from Thwaites Glacier.

Dear Colleague Letter: 2017 Division of Chemistry Supplemental Funding Proposals for International Collaboration. Deadline: 3/1/17. Synopsis: The Division of Chemistry is inviting proposals for supplemental funding from its existing awardees.

Dear Colleague Letter: Improving Graduate Student Preparedness for the Chemistry Workforce. Deadline: 3/1/17. Synopsis: This Letter describes opportunities for supplemental funding to enhance the training experience of graduate students currently supported by active CHE research grants.

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). NSF, DHS, DOT FHWA, NASA, NIH, USDA NIFA. Deadline: 3/6/17. Synopsis: In 2017, Key goals are to identify basic CPS research directions that are common across multiple application domains, along with opportunities for accelerated transition to practice.

Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS). NSF, USDA NIFA. Deadline: 3/6/17. Synopsis: The overarching goal is to catalyze well-integrated interdisciplinary and convergent research to transform scientific understanding of the FEW nexus (integrating all three components rather than addressing them separately), in order to improve system function and management, address system stress, increase resilience, and ensure sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Computing: from Devices to Architectures (E2CDA). NSF, Semiconductor Research Corporation. Deadline: 3/7/17. Synopsis: This partnership will specifically support new research to minimize the energy impacts of processing, storing, and moving data within future computing systems, and will be synergistic with other research activities that address other aspects of this overarching energy-constrained computing performance challenge.

Combustion and Thermal Transport Processes Research at the International Space Station to Benefit Life on Earth (NSF-ISS). Deadline: 3/10/17. Synopsis: The Division of Chemical, Bioengineering and Environmental Transport is partnering with The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space to solicit research projects in the general field of combustion and thermal transport processes that can utilize the ISS National Lab.

Building Community and Capacity in Data Intensive Research in Education (BCC-EHR). Deadline: 3/15/17. Synopsis: EHR seeks to enable research communities to develop visions, teams, and capabilities dedicated to creating new, large-scale, next-generation data resources and relevant analytic techniques to advance fundamental research for areas of research covered by EHR programs.

Critical Techniques, Technologies and Methodologies for Advancing Foundations and Applications of Big Data Sciences and Engineering (BIGDATA). Deadline: 3/22/17. Synopsis: The BIGDATA program seeks novel approaches in computer science, statistics, computational science, and mathematics, along with innovative applications in domain scienc that lead towards the further development of the interdisciplinary field of data science.

STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM+C). Deadline: 3/29/17. Synopsis: The program seeks to address the urgent need to prepare students from the early grades through high school in the essential skills, competencies, and dispositions needed to succeed in a computationally dependent world.

Dear Colleague Letter: Public Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Research: Capacity-Building, Community-Building, and Direction-Setting. Deadline: 4/11/17. Synopsis: NSF intends to support proposals aimed at capacity-building, community-building, and direction-setting for Public Participation in STEM Research.

Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER). Deadline: 7/19/17 for BIO, CISE, EHR; 7/20/17 for ENG; 7/21/17 for GEO, MPS, SBE. Synopsis: The CAREER Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the NSF’s most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.

State of California

Natural Gas Storage Infrastructure Safety and Integrity Risk Modeling Research Grants. California Energy Commission. Deadline: 2/27/17. Synopsis: The purpose is to fund research projects that develop advanced risk assessment models including new tools, technologies, methods, methodologies, and approaches to improve underground natural gas storage infrastructure safety and integrity management in California.

CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellowship. California Council on Science and Technology. Deadline: 2/28/17. Synopsis: The program is open to those holding a PhD or equivalent degree in science and engineering, and in social science fields such as economics. As Fellows, scientists and engineers spend one year in Sacramento serving the California State Legislature.

Conference Grants. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Deadline: Ongoing. Synopsis: The objective is to create a highly competitive opportunity for CIRM to support valuable mission-specific scientific conferences.

University of California

Signatures Innovation Fellows. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 2/19/17. Synopsis: The program supports innovative research by UC Berkeley researchers in the data science and software areas with a special focus on projects that hold commercial promise.

John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. California Sea Grant. Deadline: 2/21/17. Synopsis: The NOAA Fellowship matches highly qualified graduate students with hosts in the legislative or executive branch of the government in the Washington, D.C. area for a one-year paid fellowship to learn about marine policy.

Impact of Proposition 65 to Reduce or Eliminate Exposures Linked to Breast Cancer. California Breast Cancer Research Program. UCOP. Deadline: 2/23/17. Synopsis: CBCRP intends to fund up to one project to support research to broaden and deepen our understanding of the effectiveness of Proposition 65 to increase public knowledge and informed decision-making to reduce chemical exposure that may cause or contribute to breast cancer.

Pilot Awards. Alzheimer's Disease Center, UC Davis. Deadline: 2/24/17. Synopsis: This program enables both new and established investigators to generate pilot data that can be used to advance Alzheimer’s research and enhance their ability to be competitive for extramural grants.

Bakar Faculty Fellows Program. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 3/1/17. Synopsis: In 2017, the Program will award up to five two-year Spark Fund research development grants of up to $75,000/year. UC Berkeley tenure-track faculty are eligible. The Bakar Spark Fund seeks to identify and catalyze research (even early stage) in the STEM+ fields that holds commercial promise.

Ahmanson Research Fellowships for the Study of Medieval and Renaissance Books and Manuscripts. UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Deadline: 3/1/17. Synopsis: Fellowships support the use of UCLA Library Special Collections' extensive holdings in medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and printed books.

Calls for Applications. UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Deadline: 3/3/17. Synopsis: This deadline is for several grant programs: Graduate Student Dissertation Support; and Medicine and Humanities: Andrew V. and Florence W. White Graduate Student Scholarship.

UC MEXUS-CONACYT Grants for Collaborative Projects. Deadline: 3/6/17. Synopsis: The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States and El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología announce a call for proposals to provide seed funding to teams of UC and Mexican researchers with beginning projects in basic and applied collaborative research, instructional development, and public service and education projects that apply research to public issues.

UC MEXUS - CONACYT Postdoctoral Research Fellowships. Deadline: 3/6/17. Synopsis: Postdoctoral applicants will be considered who will be actively participating in a research project or training program at the host UC campus or Mexican institution, with an emphasis on using the stay to advance their own academic and professional development as well as to solidify future binational research ties and networks.

Calls for Applications. UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Deadline: 3/10/17. Synopsis: This deadline is for several grant programs:Engaging Humanities Grant; Humanities Center Collaborations; Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop; and Digital Humanities Grant.

UC Berkeley-11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship. Deadline: 3/15/17. Synopsis: The School of Journalism is offering postgraduate Fellowships in a program established by Michael Pollan, the John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley. The fellowship is open to print and audio journalists.

California Sea Grant College Program. Deadline: 3/23/17 for preproposals, 8/1/17 for proposals. Synopsis: The program emphasizes innovative applied research on ocean and coastal resources and processes. trategic Focus Areas are: Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies.

Radical Ideas in Brain Science Challenge. Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, UC Berkeley. Deadline: 3/31/17. Synopsis: The Challenge will award $300,000 over three years to seed cross-disciplinary collaborations that pursue bold, potentially transformative research.

Rose Hills Innovators Program. UC Berkeley. Deadline: 3/31/17. Synopsis: The program supports distinguished early-career faculty at UC Berkeley interested in developing highly innovative research programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

UC Berkeley-UCSF Sabbatical Exchange Program. Raymond and Beverly Sackler Center for Biomedical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. Deadline: 4/14/17. Synopsis: The program provides support for scientists from either of the two institutions to take a research leave at the other institution each year.

UCHRI Humanists@Work Summer PhD Research Internship. UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Deadline: 4/18/17. Synopsis: The Program is an opportunity for one UC graduate student to work with UCHRI’s system-wide programs for the summer.

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Convergence Research at Tel Aviv University and UC Berkeley. Deadline: 4/24/17. Synopsis: The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Convergence Research in Biomedical, Physical and Engineering Sciences promotes research collaboration between researchers at UC Berkeley and Tel Aviv University.

UCHRI Humanists@Work Graduate Advisory Committee. UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). Deadline: 5/5/17. Synopsis: UCHRI is seeking 3-5 humanities PhD students to serve as the Humanists@Work (HumWork) advisory committee.

Special Projects, Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). UCOP. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Grants support scientific conferences or investigators to evaluate new and breaking issues in tobacco control or tobacco-related disease research. Contact a TRDRP Program Officer regarding the appropriateness of your proposal prior to submission.

Western Integrated Pest Management Center Request for Applications - Ongoing Special Issues. UC Davis. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: Special issues may be requested to bring together a group of people to address emerging issues such as a new pest, water issues, development of proposals for larger grants based on documented stakeholder needs, or development of Pest Alerts. The Center will give priority to requests that are multi-state in scope. Projects must be completed within one year of funding and be single-issue oriented.

UC MEXUS Small Grants for UC Faculty. Deadline: First Monday of each month. Synopsis: The program supports travel, short-term research, initial planning, or other special one-time needs related to the seed phase of projects or programs conducted by University of California researchers or research teams.

UC MEXUS Small Grants Support for UC Student and Postdoctoral Activities. Deadline: First Monday of each month. Synopsis: This program supports UC graduate student and postdoctoral researcher activities in all disciplines as related to academic exchange, research training, and scholarly development in areas of interest to UC MEXUS.

UC MEXUS Resident Scholars Program. Deadline: Open. Synopsis: The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) offers an academic residency program for researchers, scholars and artists at critical junctures in their academic careers. Up to four concurrent residencies are available at a time. Please consult UC MEXUS to determine if any positions remain open.

Nonprofit and Other Agencies

For funding opportunities from nonprofit and other agencies, please use the Pivot database to search or browse program announcements.


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