SPO and RAC Flooded Offices Update

Over the Thanksgiving 2012 weekend, the Sponsored Projects Office and Research Administration and Compliance office sustained severe water damage due to a plumbing failure in the building. A number of research administrators within SPO were displaced and have been re-located to new work spaces. Processing times for some operations may still be affected as we continue to work through this transition. We have been informed that the restoration work should be completed in January 2013 and we will post more specific deadlines as they become available.

Please check this web page for continued updates on the restoration progress.

Please see the photos below to get an idea of the extent of the damage to our offices. (Larger versions and additional photos (PDF) are available.)

Photos of the water damage (November 23)
Water damage 1 Water damage 4
Water damage 2 Water damage 3 Water damage 5 Water damage 6

Clean up in progress (December 4)
Cleaned up 1 Cleaned up 2
Cleaned up 3 Cleaned up 4